Parental Guidance:
Thanks for joining us! We hope you and your kids having fun moments everyday playing our games. What you are thinking is right for the fact you are here because you care about your children’s safety!
When your kid is addicted to games it’s a duty of Parent to ensure children’s safety while playing games as well. To make sure our Kids Gamers enjoy Quantega games being in a safe and controlled pace we have certain clear rules set:

You might be thinking how to take care of your kids while playing games. It is important to supervise your children on what games they are playing and how much time they are spending as well we make sure from our behalf to built children friendly games that do not harm or affect them in any way.
Not just about health considerations but our Games include in-app purchases too. So you have to be clear on what our games offer and guide/help your children if he/she wants to make in purchases.

Age limits:
To see the age limits please see recommendations from Google Appstore for Android Gamers and Apple’s iTunes Store for iOS Gamers. To get a clear knowledge on what are age recommendations on playing games for children according to game categories.
If you want to limit in-app purchases for your children you can easily set a password. Go to play store settings and adjust password protection settings to set password. You may also completely disable in app purchases through you device general settings.

In-App Purchases:
We don’t process any in-app purchases on Android or iOS devices. Either we don’t have access or information of any user’s Credit Cards. The payments are completely handled by Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users.
In occurrence of any purchase by user the purchase information will be emailed to the persons associated email.
Quantega In-App Purchase Option in Other Games:
Our game in-app purchases will only be available in games owned by Quantega and not in any other games. Beware of any third parties that claim or offer any of our in-app virtual currencies or items in other games. In case of any such purchases made we are not liable for such lose. And such losses are not subject to refund.

In-App Purchase by Mistake:
In any such cases where your kid has made an in-app purchase or transaction where it’s done by mistake or without your consent such purchases are non-refundable. Transactions once done cannot be refunded. We understand your concern about these purchases but the virtual currencies or items in the game purchased for real money do not subject to refunds.
In case of Fraudulent In-App Purchases:
When you or your children don’t make any purchase but still in-app purchase occurred means of fraudulency, in such cases you’ll need to report this fraudulent act immediately to Google Play Store for Android users and Apple’s iTunes store for iOS users.
a. Apple’s iTunes Store:
To report in iOS users please visit Apple’s iTunes website and send them your fraudulent transaction details by directly contacting Apple from their Support page here.

b. Google Play Store:
To report in Google play store please visit Google Play store page and go to support page here or can directly mail by their contact us page.

In case of any further information or details you want from us mail us at