Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Quantega (“Quantega” “Quantega Pvt Ltd” “Us” or “We”) affirm that we don’t share your information with anybody. We respect your privacy and assure that we don’t make use of your privacy for any purpose except enhancing your visit to our website and sending future game updates to you.

We and our partner websites may collect, store or use your data only for future product improvements. We are not liable for your information misuse by other websites that are not owned or affiliated with us.

By using our service you agree to our “Privacy Policy Agreement” as mentioned in here.

User information Collection:

We collect information when you use our website in form of Cookies (To know about our Cookies policy please read further). This information is primarily to understand or make our services better for you. We don’t intend to use your information in any other way.

Cookies: Cookies are small files that store information on your computer or mobile device (Android/iOS). These cookies are really small data files stored in your browser that help us improve and know required information like which device you use and to give you a better customized experience. We use cookies and relevant technologies but never share this data with anyone. We respect your privacy and hereby confirm we don’t share your information with any advertisers.

Social Media-

You may choose to login to our website or game using your Facebook account and share your login and other information with us. This data will be saved in our servers to enhance your experience and to help you access our website or game easily on your next sign in. We only post on Social Media upon your authentication to any such posts on behalf of you.

Resume & Personal Data:

By sending or applying to jobs from our website you agree to share your personal information with us and confirm that all the information you sent us by online application form are true and are correct in all manners whatever you send as and in resume to us.

Third Parties & Advertisers:

We may provide/display third party links on our website in form of advertisements by clicking on any such third party links you agree that you understand that we don’t take responsibility of those links and how they use your data when you use their services or share data with them. We are not liable for any such websites or advertisers. Before sharing or making any purchase from third party link please make sure to read their privacy policy and terms of services.

If you have any questions or if you want to know any further about our Privacy Policy please feel free to write us at

Privacy Policy last updated on 10/8/2015.