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Effective Since:- August 30, 2015

The phrase “Terms of Service” of this website (“Quantega” Quantega Pvt Ltd” “Us” or “We”) and Terms of this agreement (“Terms of Services”) bound the relationship between you and Quantega (“Quantega” Quantega Pvt Ltd” “Us” or “We”) with regard to use of Quantega games, websites and it’s related services. (Quantega Service”). By using our website, games & Services you confirm that you agree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy as well Cookies Policy.

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We amend our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy periodically with new information or any addition to terms. So please keep checking our Terms of Service page periodically.

Quantega holds the right at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy t any time by posting the amended terms of Quantega Servicess. So keep visiting our Terms pages periodically to know our latest Terms updates here.


  1.     License:

With regard to our Terms of Service you hereby confirm that you are continuing in compliance with the following terms of service of Quantega.

  1. You abide that you’ll not create account using false information or identity or on behalf of someone.
  2. You agree that you are above 13 years of age if you are having or want to create an account. You here by agree that you abide by minors rules and that you are solely responsible or under your Parent/Guardian supervision while making any purchase.
  3.   You shall not use your account information or any login details with anybody.
  4. Any kind of use of our services in violation or above the limitations that are considered as violation or under prohibition will be liable under violations of law for unprohibited actions and such account or access will be immediately revoked.
  5. You hereby agree that you will not do or engage in any act that results in improper use of Quantega.
  6.    You shall not use any kind of automation tools or will not use any cheats and whatsoever comes in unauthorized means.
  7.     Ownership:

Quantega without any prior suspension information or warning may limit, suspend or completely terminate and delete your accounts or access to the account in resentence of improper use of services. We solely hold the rights on account of any such activities and will not be under any obligation to tolerate any such practices.

  1.     Games & Services:

All game rights, title, characters, characters names, stories, concept, images, sounds, and all the game & related compositions are completely owned by Quantega. Quantega reserves all the rights without any limitations.


  1. Virtual Items:

Buying any of our virtual goods, coins, currency or any items and or any earned items or coins in the game you agree that those items are associated with Quantega and will not misuse or name or duplicate any content or images. Quantega reserves use of all such items & content that are stored and associated with us.

  1.     Purchases:

While using our services or playing our game you may purchase any items of game or any service with real world money by agreeing to our licensing agreement. By allowing us to access those payments you share you partial information with us.

We may manage and control to ad or remove any virtual items at any time with or without any notice. We have no liability under any such events.

  1.     Updates of our Services:

We may add any services as well terms with the addition of those services. In any such circumstances you may require to accept our updated terms of services. You agree to allow us to update our any third party software from time to time to play our Games.

  1.     Notice:

We may send any updates or information that are being added or any Terms of Services updates to you by means of e-mails or any communication that you choose us to send or communicate with you. Your shared details will be stored safely with us and we respect your privacy under our Privacy Policy acts here.

  1.     Disclaimer:

We does not guarantee that you will be able to access or use our services at some times or under any arising circumstances. We try to keep uninterrupted service but don’t guarantee for error-free service in some locations or at some times.

Without any further limitations we are not liable for any commitment of service for your use or express.