Our core Solutions include Applied AI, Decision Making Frameworks using AI, and implementing intelligent processes; Next Generation Education solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality frameworks; Big data support via SaaS implementation and data insight frameworks, Providing Cloud services and solutions, IoT frameworks, Quantum Computation and Research, and Automation and intelligent automation frameworks.

Our Services cut across domains like Education, Banking & Finance, Life Science, Robotics, Gaming, IT Consulting, Social Applications, Agriculture, Data Analytics and Energy management.

Quantega is taking a full throttle approach at implementing the next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain networks, cloud computing, quantum computing, IoT, and intelligent automation to deliver growth to stakeholders and stay in step with the latest technological developments.

We are also working on systems using convolutional neural networks, implementing Deep Learning technology. These networks not only recognize patterns very accurately, their ability to predict outcomes is also stunning. They hold the key to revolutionizing the data analysis and mining sector.

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People First, Mission Always

Quantega firmly believes that it takes both sustainable work culture and prioritizing employees’ need to make a rooted business model. Taking care of our employees’ perspective is inevitable for us. With the ever evolving tech industry, we have also focused on creating a healthy work-life culture. We believe in “Keeping our team satisfied and happy so that they have better reasons to show up for work in the next morning.”

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Our Approach

Quantega is a pioneer in the field of digital transformation of organizations from the ground up. We have achieved unparalleled success in digitally transforming our own and multiple other organizations. Our comprehensive approach, experience, and downright expertise have made Quantega the gold standard of successful digital transformation.

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AI ready Leadership

Our revolutionary ideas are made sure to fall in place with the aid of the leaders who have an amazing foresight, insight and compelling vision. Leaders at Quantega, toil hard to form a customer- focused culture wherein they conduct discussions on customer query handling and their prominent issues. We know that our team has brilliant ideas and they are valued. Leaders make sure to discover new concepts and an urge to take risks and face the consequences. Leadership at our workplace is are totally grounded by the stakeholders’ interests. They not only create an open culture where views are respected and heard but make sure that they are ideated resulting into great customer experience.

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Our Presence

Quantega World Wide


Mohit Kumar Managing Director

Ashish Sain Director, Operation Advisor

Ganzorig Van Asia Global Business Development

Gary Yu Global Marketing Strategist

Vertul Quantega

Andy Kato Global Sales Head

Sushana Strategy Head

Shotaro Asano Business Development and Operations

Dr Lucaz Shobiak Regional Director, Europe

Dan Mobey Corporate Relation Director