At Quantega, we believe in intellectual honesty. Corporate governance at our workplace is “concerned with holding the balance between economic and social objectives, and also between individual and communal goals”. We balance the interests of our stakeholders, be it our management, customers, suppliers, financiers or community. We boost our performance by working positively with our stakeholders to improve on investors approach about us.

We rigorously emphasize on our social responsibility  by undertaking various social causes or attending seminars and forum. We constantly enhance our efficient strategies to maximize our corporate and stakeholders’ values. Quantega put thorough effect entrepreneur and judicious management by managing business risk with the aid of our structured work ethics. We focus on long-term success taking small but efficient steps one at a time, Our team ensures to work for the good. At Quantega there is a variety of investors with varying interests behaviors and expectations. We don’t believe in off the peg approach. Economy of one country is related to another and that may cause impacts on global economy. At Quantega, we make sure that our corporate governance guards us to better the investments and partnerships with us. Having decent governance practices are a must at Quantega.

There are few corporate governance points we swear by:

Influence of board of directors:

At workplace affirmative actions are taken by our board members. They are well informed and act with diligence in the favor of best outcomes for the company and its stakeholders. They ensure a proper system of internal control and well defined corporate strategies. They coin major capital plans, objective setting, and budget with utmost perfection. We believe in having independent board members because they dilute the concentration flow. For a proper governance, transparency in the nomination of corporate governance committee is essential and we totally abide by it. We understand that adherence begins at the top and we don’t just rubber stamp our decisions. Hence our board members portray leadership that shows how serious we are about sustaining our grassroots process.

Balanced Objectives:

At Quantega, the governance goals and our strategic plans are compatible with each other. One of the major aspects of a good corporate governance is the targeting of an appropriate goal which is balancing the expectations of stakeholders and the team as well. We make sure to recognize that each party plays an important role in our ecosystem be it executives, owner, director or staff. We clearly outline the interests of each party associated with us and work diligently. The congruence of goals with all the parties has achieved us the reputation which we possess today.

Ethical Approach:

We firmly believe that maintaining ethics in business is extremely important as the reputation is all that we have to portray. There is indeed a moral dimension to running a successful venture and the governance at our places is one keeping in mind the moral texture of the operation. We possess a clear ethical basis for our business approach. Ethical behavior at our place is characterized by unselfish attributes. We practice an “ invisible hand” phenomena that help us in achieving the goals along with making an important impact on the overall welfare of the economy and society as a human. We owe a responsibility to maintain ethics, our core values in whatever work we do.

Concern for stakeholders:

We believe in setting up goals that are accepted by our stakeholder and are in regard to every stakeholder's interest. This is sure enough that different stakeholders would have different concerns and would expect different services from the company. We, therefore, possess equal concerns for all our stakeholders. We have a process of identifying different needs and we try our best in fulfilling them. Impartial attitude toward the stakeholders is the starting point for the smooth running of our company. Our process is designed to generate an all-round support.We take their perceptions way too seriously because no matter how small or big, every stakeholder matter.

Effective risk management:

At our workplace, we always keep in mind that it is better to prevent any damage rather than curing it. We identify, assess, and prioritize the risk.It is to be noted that risk can come from both internal and external sources and we make sure to aware all the members of our organization through compliance training. We make sure to plan a strategy beforehand that helps to avoid, reduce the negative effect of the risk. Our corporate governance has a checklist which includes dealing with credit risk, market risk, and operational risk.There is always going to be an uncertainty.Hence, minimizing risk and identifying opportunity is an ongoing process backed by sound policies and clear delineation of responsibilities. We focus on achieving growth and profitability within appropriate controlled boundaries. We consider it our responsibility to not let anything affect our market image.


We believe that it is important to provide clear information to our stakeholder it is our duty and we fulfill by acting visibility and predictability. We have a well-developed reporting system that manages facts in real time and enables the companies productive capacity to improve.

We at Quantega practice qualitative corporate governance thereby ensuring that is properly run. Good corporate governance is an amalgamation of many different things. We understand that having all the measures in place will not guarantee success, as risk is an inherent part of any business venture.But this will, however, reduce the risk considerably and increase the probability of long-term success.Good governance at our workplace isn’t nearly a philosophy, but a practice which is diligently and honestly followed at Quantega for realizing our goals and objectives.