At Quantega, We believe “Dream Big. Start Small. But most of all, START.” We want people to at least start away with their immense thinking abilities that can transform lives. We provide them opportunities to pitch their business ideas and develop innovative solutions to problems faced on a regular basis through a series of challenges. We understand the fact that the notion of innovation is at the very core of corporate entrepreneurship. This has helped us in redefining business concepts, organizational renewal, new business ventures, introducing innovation across the entire organization spectrum. It is not a day- wonder but it is an elaborated process.  

Here are few points explaining how we actually maintain this amazing atmosphere at our workplace:

We Create an Environment

We believe that an essential part of driving an entrepreneurial culture is by creating an apt environment where people can act, walk, talk, eat and behave like entrepreneurs. We maintain an environment where people are able to empower themselves and create a positive change. We make sure to learn individual strengths, give power to people, give them discretion of their own resources and reward them for solving the problems and advancing the company’s interest.

It is the continuous effort and innovation at Quantega, that has helped us to achieve this culture at our workplace. It is essential to ease out then only one can think out of the box. We provide this environment where we work on hand in hand with them so that they can dream big, and create an  environment where we hone the brilliant minds in their areas of passion and face challenges with disposal

Mentoring the youth

If you are thinking out of the league, we understand that it is a roller coaster ride for you, not a cruise. Hence at Quantega, we support and guide the young entrepreneurs in realising their dreams. Been there, done that, we know that it takes only a slight push of encouragement and trust that creates MAGIC.

Our Own Incubator hub

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2016 indicates that about 26% of the people within 64 economies are about to start their own business in the next 3 years. Thereby knowing that everyone in the organisation is about to have one! We handled this with utmost intelligence. We love our people and we want to be associated with them. We want them to stay, flourish their ideas and implement them in our incubation centre.Setting up an incubation hub has helped us to capture innovative ideas and transform them into commercial values. Increase business growth and diversified portfolio of products and services are also the plus points we have achieved

Our incubation centre is not only for our people but also for anyone around the globe having an out of the norm idea. We welcome people from all backgrounds to bring in their creative thinking on board. Our incubation centre, therefore, is a ready outlet for amazing brains and entrepreneurial talents wherein they can cultivate their ideas. We provide an infrastructure, workforce, strategy and capital to the startups willing to have a considerable share of the market.

We are open to micro-failure

At Quantega, we are always open to micro-failure in the pursuit of success. We believe in taking a risk because that helps us to grow as quickly and smartly in lesser time as possible. People hesitate to take steps out of fear of making mistakes which can result in loss of the idea that could make a difference. But we motivate them and make them realise that it is OK and mistakes do happen.There is a great potential for learning from mistakes and failures. We note them all down as part of our learning process. It is important to let go of fears and try new ways of getting the job done.We truly comply with the fact “ You only fail when you stop trying.”


Internally at Quantega, people are always innovating. We welcome intrapreneurs at our workplace. We give them the freedom of creating and developing their internal thoughts.We believe that people, culture and process” are the key elements for intrapreneurship. Hence at our workplace, we offer a perfect amalgamation of the three mentioned above. Through the development process, intrapreneurs at Quantega pitch their ideas and supporting business plans to benefit us.We respect them, as their thought process shows their excellent abilities to create a difference in the performance of the company.

Building Innovative Networks

We believe “You don't build a business. You build people and then people build the business.” We are fortunate to have a connection with a group of individuals and organisations that can solve the problems and find new dimensions for creating growth. It is important to maintain these networks inside and outside the organisation.

Internal networks at Quantega are maintained by bringing together the internal sections and business units to solve an issue that cannot be handled individually. This helps in building a proactive metrics of stakeholders. Internal networks at our workplace help in creating bridges throughout the company.

External networks at Quantega are actually formed by clubbing together small or large corporations, individuals, startups, academic and government institutions who are placed outside the premises of the company but are dedicated to crafting new ideas, business models and products. They work towards a common issue based on a platform or program. The strong relation with external networks at our workplace has helped us to find new perspective by mixing skills and personalities of different people in innovative terms.

At Quantega, we inspire people to push for proactive work culture.We portray a clear vision and mission, embraced with mental wellness and an agile innovation management to make a lasting impression. We aim at making entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone around the globe by contributing a titbit form our end.