At Quantega, the one thing that we value above all else is Innovation.

Innovation is our bread and butter and we put all our energies towards amping it up time and again.

What do we mean when we say ‘Innovation’?

Implementing new and improved industry methods, using them to meet the changing customer demands, and finally achieving an improved and more efficient system, backed by robust processes. This is our definition of innovation.

What makes innovation happen, so splendidly, at Quantega?

Our Employees:

One of the paramount features of our innovation strategy is ‘focus on our employees’. We work towards their constant growth, skill enrichment, and stimulate their imagination and go big from there.

We follow a holistic approach to ensure the aforementioned goal. First, we have an ‘Idea share’ culture through which we encourage our employees to share their ideas; no matter how minor, how big or how absurd for that matter.

We have installed suggestion boxes in all our offices. Periodic discussion sessions are then held to discuss all the ideas thus received. We make sure that while discussing ideas, even as criticising, our employees do not diss the idea or the person behind the idea. This is an important feature as harsh criticism might make the person refrain from putting in their thoughts. We encourage one and all.

Now, we have observed that the level of exposure also contributes to the quality of one’s imagination. To enrich the imagination of our staff, we hold skill development classes, ranging from technological skills development, training, and hands-on classes to soft skills development classes. We encourage seating together employees from different domains so that their shared experiences broaden their perspective.

A big picture view of how various processes occur in our organization is indispensable for our employees to contribute fruitfully to the organization’s progress. We encourage cross-domain team exercises, ranging from lighter interaction and familiarization activities, parties to sessions where teams detail how their process works, are highly efficient. With this wholesome view, the employees know the importance of their own work better and can place it in the skill mix more appropriately.

Every idea hence received, is discussed, scrutinized, studied, and tested on practical grounds. We incubate and implement the ideas that make the final cut. These don’t have to be limited to the betterment of the organization. We have adopted and implemented ideas that help us cast an impact on the society by providing useful insights from our analysis, provided a platform for people to raise their voice against the injustice and vices of our society and a lot more.

Our Company:

At the organizational level, the shift to digital innovation requires substantial changes in strategy, operations, and organization; with pan-enterprise effects. At Quantega, we understand the three fundamentals of acing innovation: Speed, Scale, and Value.

To ensure a sustainable and profitable speed for innovation, its imperative that we have a diverse and rich talent pool. We have procured the right talent via various channels like crowdsourcing, hiring entire teams specializing in certain areas, and we have always been welcoming of the idea of strategic acquihires.

Scaling a solution to fit our needs came next. While preemptive planning helped us through this phase, our experts contribute extensively in making sure the solution scales up fine. Our research and development department is an open playfield where new ideas are tested out and evaluated.

The idea of value added is at the core of every initiative towards innovation. We mine the ‘data exhaust’ from our digital systems which provide us with valuable insights regarding how we quantify our business. Our productivity analysis is based extensively on real-time numbers and ground performance, and hence, our decisions are supported by sound logic and trends rather than gut feelings and estimation.

As our company philosophy, we do not persecute mistakes. Mismatches and mistakes happen; we put more emphasis on realizing the reasons behind and putting in motion the best possible damage control plans. This policy often helps us to learn from our mistakes and take calculated risks.

As mentioned earlier, we love ideas! Small ideas, big ideas, absurd ideas; just bring it on! Our success as an organization stands as the ultimate testimony to our policies, vision and our philosophy.

Our Clients:

In a survey by BCG for most innovative companies in 2018, approximately 33% of companies haven’t yet been able of finding ways of putting the latest technologies to good use for their betterment.

An intelligent innovator knows when and how to outsource. This statement gains support from the fact that only 24% of companies ranked low on the innovation index, reported by a good ROI on outsourcing as compared to over 90% of those ranked higher.

As innovative companies get stronger, the one lagging behind get weaker and lose their edge. The secret lies in the ability of companies to put technologies to good use. For example, as compared to over 75% of strong innovators, only 29% of weak innovators were able to generate business from data mining of social sites. This is an important statement, as data is the new pillar behind the success of an enterprise.

In such conditions, hence the most important part is knowing which technology may work how for you, and where to get it from. At Quantega, we endeavor to draft out the same.

According to our client’s needs and support from our extensive capabilities and business transformational expertise, we design customized solutions using technologies like IoT, big data application, VR and AR, quantum computing, and a varying mix of these.

We encourage a free flow of ideas and communication with the client. With years of experience and tons of expertise put to correct use, we have created a community of satisfied clients to our credit.

In nutshell, we pride ourselves, not in the work we have established so far, it has been our humble pleasure and we cherish these achievements; but we take pride in the fact that we have made  an environment available where innovative ideas are revered and our employees and clients alike feel confident enough to come ahead with it.

Our accomplishment is the culture which fosters the creativity of all affected and provides them with a platform where they are heard, without any premonitions; and where the only factors that matters are improvement and Innovation.