“Good Ideas are common , what uncommon are people who will work hard to bring them about.” At Quantega, we have been fortunate to work along with investors who put their trust in our hard work and passion to bring the ideas on board into implementation. They actually play a pivotal role in the growth and the success of the company. Hence, we at Quantega believe in maintaining some transparent and committed relationships with our investors. Our management team provides integrated outsourcing, consulting services and platforms. And so we are committed to producing amazing financial returns for our investors.

We firmly believe that a investors’ perceptions in a company are aligned with its investment characteristics and management strategies. Strong investor relations have helped our investors to identify potential areas of growth, partnership and new angles. We consider them to have a say in the evaluation of our business models to produce outstanding results.

There is indeed a lot to be said about our partnership with our investors. Here’s the unwrapping of all the golden ways by which we are attaining the confidence of our investors:

We justify “Why US?”

At Quantega, we are in continuous rage to be associated with the technologies like Big Data, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, IOT and what not? The list goes on. We are in the process of reinventing ourselves with the aid of these technologies. We believe that our core services , next generation services and platforms intrigue the investors to come join hands with us

Core Services:

We deliver core services in the area of BPO, applications, autonomics, engineering and the IT landscape

Next Generation Services:

Our slot of next generation service gives us an extra point in the good book of our investors as we deliver outcome oriented offerings of Design and Analytics, IOT,Cyber Security and GRC services as well.

Products and Platform:

We continue to explore into the IP based partnership and our investors are quite happy with this strategy of ours and also our ability to deliver quantum results. We invest in capabilities with primary goa; and hence our clients choose us as their partners. This helps us to have collaboration with more investors , more references witnessing the commitment we have to our clients of delivering awesome services.

Regular in-touch with Investors:

At Quantega, we understand the importance of an investor being in collaboration with us. They have invested their interests in our company and they too want a success badly as we do. That is the reason why we treat them as our advocates and resources. We make sure to keep them well informed with the developments that take place at Quantega. We believe in pulling together a great deal of brain power, hence we host meetings for our investors and brainstorming sessions with  our executives and incorporate their advices. A regular communication with investors has helped us with the honest assessment of the challenges faced.

We send out periodic updates to our investors or potential investors in the form of email newsletter. We always keep them in loop thereby coming out of tough spots at instances.

Every milestone covered not only provides a sense of satisfaction to us but to our investors also. This approach has helped us build phenomenal relations with investors and an amazing network for future references.

The problem and the solution:

At Quantega, we believe that any sustainable business idea, fills the void in the market. We make sure to list out the problem that is prevailing and there is a huge untapped demand that our business and services caters for. We make them realise how the market is growing and this problem needs to be figured out soon. A knowledge of the market is indeed necessary for a successful demonstration of the solutions currently available. We understand how important it is to show the scale of opportunity to the investors for their concern. We have an art in explaining the solutions to the problems in the market. We give our best in explaining our products and services in context of customers need and expectation, and how they will use our products. This helps in gathering the investors attention to our ethical way of working. We do not believe in sugar coating our views. We are transparent enough and are accountable to our investors because we them to be proud of their choice.

Our Team:

Over the period of time, we  have witnessed that a good investor relationships largely is dependant on the team that is backing us. We second that it really takes likable superstars to get the attention of the masses. At times, there have been investors who couldn't connect the dots with four dots but still invested in us saying “ We will look into the idea , but we like you guys.” We consider that if they figure out in us the type of person they want to work with, our half battle is won. Our team plays an integral part in fostering this awesome experience with our investors.

Traction Alert!:

At Quantega, we comply with the fact that no way of thinking or doing, however remarkable can be trusted with any proof. We have a bit of traction displayed to our investors as it is a great way to pique their interest. Investor can see through our idea and also get a glimpse of what exactly we are to do next. We have shown our investors, our capabilities and performances which intrigues them to think upon that if they invest with us we can create wonders in the market. Traction on an obvious notte minimizes risk. Hence our investors have that trust in us  that no matter what we will outperform others in the market!

Managed Cash flow:

Our utmost responsibility towards our investors are to make sure that they have a respectful image of us in terms of finances. At Quantega, we portray our cash flow is maintained as in how much is coming out. Our investors always have this faith in us of having a good return of their investment because we formulate or financial projections in advance. We are more than concerned about their money. Hence, we make sure that we have a strategy to return the money back with the aid of strategic acquisition.

We understand every aspect of our business hence resulting into receiving investment funds.

We know how to create a profit and our investors know this. We believe that if our products and services are brilliant we will always have a healthy and cordial relationships with our investors and we are achieving it slowly and steadily.

We know that we can have a healthy and cordial relationships with our investors only by providing brilliant services and we make sure that we are achieving it slowly but steadily!