Dolly Parton said “ Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”  At Quantega we truly second it. We believe in making a company which brings out the best out from each one of us. We own a diverse culture, amazing technology and a never ending spark to learn with the ever evolving changes in the industry. We make sure that our actions speak louder than the words!

At Quantega, we understand how fast paced our lives are therefore, we make sure to bring in a lot of freshness in our working pattern. Our top-management amazingly encapsulates the best services provided to our employees by treating them with utmost respect. Every spontaneous or difficult choice is encouraged. We give our employees the utmost freedom to innovate, keeping in mind our organisation’s strong work ethics and culture.  Keeping our organisation’s strong work ethics and culture in mind, we give our employees the utmost freedom to innovate. We believe in providing a healthy experience both personally and professionally. We have an amazing workforce who are passionate enough to bring the best on the table. We make sure to spend enough time on what is important and not on what is urgent. We know our people are content because we have establish a phenomenal work-life balance.

Here’s how we are achieving work-life balance at Quantega.

  • No Timer Rule

At Quantega, we don’t keep the constant check onto our employees’ work schedule. We believe if our people can deliver the best outcomes in an hour then we don’t mind them bag packing early!

Flexibility for us is an important element and we give our people the chance to work flexible hours. We know that it is not an easy feat to juggle between personal and professional life. Hence we provide them with alternate schedules to cope-up with their work. Our top management make sure to touch base with the employees on regular basis and help in maintaining the flexibility at the workplace.

  • Liberty to work from home

At Quantega, we are big fan of working from home over the years. We don’t want our employees to keep rubbing their noses off then sick! We want them to take care and work from home instead which thereby increases their interest and productivity.

Thanks to internet, we stay connected to our employees through phone, text,email or direct message. We have noticed that working from home at times has made our employees stay more connected and loyal to the organisation and the work ethics. It boosts the confidence of our employees in us exemplifying that we are there when they need us at the right moment.

  • Organising fun events

A surprise pancake breakfast or playing dumb charades, at Quantega, we make sure to keep the to keep the zeal and enthusiasm alive within our employees. We even hosts the event where their  our families and us interact and make a great unit altogether. We know to make time for these activities because this helps our employees achieve higher energy levels. Quantega strives for excellence and we achieve when our people are in their best forms.Organising such events at our workplace help us bring them back on track!

  • We respect privacy

At Quantega,we keep this in mind to have our people pen down a plan priorly to execute their task before being to late. We practise this because we believe in giving them their space when they are not in the ecosystem. We consider them an important part of our unit and don’t believe in manipulative leadership. We believe that if we wish to mail or text them then it should be regarding an applause and not for knowing any whereabouts when it’s not the time. We attain work-life balance at our workplace by balancing our boundaries rather than time.

  • Award leaves in need

At our workplace, we give our people the ease of taking a time off and go to their child’s school event,enjoy the food fare or any other event held in the city. We aim at providing personal days when needed without letting our employees getting penalised. We want them to enjoy the time off hence we make sure that our managers are covering the work load so that the employees can have a gala time without worrying. We don’t ask them to just fill-in when they need an off, we prefer giving them their time to comeback with a bang!

  • Onsite-child/ petcare options

At Quantega, new moms and dads have the privilege to bring in their child and be less concern of leaving him/her at home. Child’s proximity to their parents and someone to watch them, creates a sense of satisfaction in our employees and motivates them to stay on longer, be less worry and more productive.

What if you have an amazing four legged member and you can’t stay away from it for quite a long time? At our place, we allow our people to bring their member along thereby building trust and friendship among coworkers as well.

  • Manage stress

We have well designed policies to cut down stress levels beaming at the workplace thereby improving health outcomes. We support one task at a time as we understand that multitasking makes hard for the brain to focus. When focussing on one task we make sure that our people have their ‘do not disturb’ signs on so that they do not drain their energy reserves.

We also initiate them to take small breaks in between the work to recharge themselves. Just blocking off calendar at work does not produce exceptional results. We make sure our employees take time to exercises physically or try a yoga class in the ecosystem. This helps them to keep a check on their stress level and pace themselves at work.

Quantega as a unit has always prepared its people the best for the future rather than worrying for it. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is always on top of our priority checklist. We keep on exploring different ways to make our workplace an amazing experience so that our people cherish staying with us for many more years to come.