‘Tis the Digital Age!

Quantega is a pioneer in the field of digital transformation of organizations from the ground up. We have achieved unparalleled success in digitally transforming our own and multiple other organizations.

Our comprehensive approach, experience, and downright expertise have made Quantega the gold standard of successful digital transformation.

The Challenges (and how we nailed them)

Ensuring a Seamless Customer Experience:

To prove good ROI, we need to leverage the scarce and expensive technologies, and engineering resources to establish perfect supply chain orchestration. This inevitably leads to higher customer satisfaction and ensures a seamless customer experience.

To make customer experience seamless, Quantega’s design services ensure that the front, middle and the back office are properly connected and in sync.

Framing the Bigger Picture

At Quantega, we had it clear in our planning phase itself that disjointed efforts, which take up ad-hoc projects, inhibit real evolution.

Hence, we take a big picture approach, we introduce the cutting edge technologies steadily across all domains, synchronizing them with each other as we go. We make sure that our front, middle and back offices are connected and are on the same page throughout the process.

Such approach gives rise to an all-encompassing and robust digital transformation.

What is our Secret?

Support from Senior Leadership

Our corporate executives are proactive, always looking to gain competitive advantages, and better efficiency through the implementation of the latest innovations. Their vision, that reinventing the customer experience requires a human-centered design, guides our digital transformation strategy.

We Invest in Our Journey

The foundation of the digital transformation of a company relies on the infrastructure it has and the changes it is ready to implement with.

At Quantega, we invest in our technological infrastructure and ecosystems including cloud computing systems, quantum computing facilities, intelligent automation, AI for better supply chain integration, and so on.

Our first phase of investment begins with internal investments. In this phase, we install a strong infrastructure and associated systems which can bear the brunt of these swift next-gen technologies.

Our second phase of investment includes customer-facing investments. In this phase, we invest in ideation, design, customer and product innovation-centric implementation of IoT, intelligent automation, intelligent digital supply chain, additive manufacturing etc. These investments have proved pivotal in helping us provide exceptional services and products.

We have also been exploring the horizons of new digital models like subscription services, advanced manufacturing capabilities (for example, 3D printing), data solutions from IoT and big data repositories etc.

A culture of Agility and Creativity

In our quest to establishing a culture of agility, our first step was to set up innovation networks, put up suggestion boxes throughout our offices. We held discussions over the changes we were introducing. During such discussions, we created an environment where ideas could flow freely. This helped us create an innovation ecosystem, understand the skill limitations of our employees more precisely, and the areas that needed reinforcement.

Hereon, we held reskilling seminars, trained our employees in the new interface, carried out immense user interaction testing, and adapted as we understood the loopholes.

The pace of implementing these new technologies is high in Quantega and we expect it to become faster with time. We have taken our first step towards keeping this process scalable and agile by implementing this culture of agility and creativity. As time goes on, we expect even more stunning results from this sustainable and well-constituted culture.

What can We do for You?

Our Core Services

Our core services include AI solutions like Applies AI, decision making frameworks using AI, and implementing intelligent processes; next-generation entertainment solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality frameworks; Big data support via SaaS implementation and data insight frameworks, setting up your Cloud services and solutions, IoT frameworks, Quantum Computation, and Automation and intelligent automation frameworks.

Our support cuts across domains like Banking & Finance, Life Science, Robotics, Gaming, IT Consulting, Social Applications, Agriculture, Data Analytics, and so on. We have resources to do everything you want AI to do for you!

Our NextGen services and products

Quantega is taking a full-throttle approach at implementing the next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain networks, cloud computing, quantum computing, IoT, and intelligent automation to deliver growth to stakeholders and stay in step with the latest technological developments.

Among other interesting applications, the usage of augmented reality and virtual reality systems in entertainment and education is by far a fascinating use case we are working on. The user experience from these services is rather tangible and stimulates imagination like none other.

We are also working on systems using convolutional neural networks, implementing Deep Learning technology. These networks not only recognize patterns very accurately, their ability to predict outcomes is also stunning. They hold the key to revolutionizing the data analysis and mining sector.

Research and Innovation

We have an immense in-house capability for research and innovation, owing to our open idea share culture, backed by our quantum computation facilities for research.

We follow the IP model to determine the value appropriation potential for the ecosystem partners; this is crucial in deriving successful collaborative innovation initiatives. This model as well is subject to constant scrutiny and experiments at the research facilities.

Through our endeavours, we are working untiringly, to develop efficient technological frameworks, which display not only good ROI but are scalable, robust, and secure. Our innovation ecosystem is based on an advanced orchestrations logic, and we are working on improving it even further.

Your Partners of Choice

In simpler times, the terms of collaboration among two organizations used to be clearly set and defined. There was a set procedure to follow and a set of instruction to abide by. Well, this is not the case anymore.

Today, collaborating companies need to be ready for unforeseen challenges and requirements from their partners. Mutual understanding and flexibility in cooperation are the key factors of driving a successful partnership today.

More specifically, when an organization is making its digital transformation, it will require extensive support and knowledge sharing from its partner(s).

Choosing the right mix of these next-gen technologies is important not only from the perspective of productivity but also from the angle of ROI. These technologies are expensive and the engineering resources are scarce. Judicious and intelligent use of these resources and technologies is the mantra for successful digital transformation at Quantega.

At Quantega, our business transformation expertise, and our global capabilities; are backed by our extensive experience. We have not only integrated our own systems but also have helped multiple organizations in moulding theirs.

We foster clear communication, and an innovation ecosystem to ensure that our allies receive what they expect and more in terms of customer satisfaction, shared value addition, and trust & confidentiality.