With the emergence of AI technologies, big data, advanced analytics and automation, industries are striving hard to be innovative. It has been claimed by 48% of the energy utility sector of energy, gas, oil and other industries that the deployment and operation of AI has enhanced their success and is now the most fundamental necessity of for thriving. The key deployment drivers were involved in automation of IT processes, business processes and in enhancement of innovation.

The best ways to rate our organization’s current experience in terms of its implementation and use of AI technologies are enlisted below.

·      The expected working functionality of fully deployed AI technologies.

·      The expected working functionality of partially deployed AI technologies.

·      The low working functionality of partially deployed AI technologies.

·      The indefinite result of limitedly deployed AI technologies.

·      The scheme of deployment in future of AI technologies.

·      The scheme of proceeding without investing in AI technologies at all.


Machine learning and Deep learning are extensively employed in banking. Computers use NLP to analyze text and human languages for translation, recognition of speech etc. The technology of speech recognition enables machines to understand human language and convert it to machine readable form. NLG enables machines to interact with humans through the generation of natural language from machines. VR technology employs deep learning to recognize images and provide information about its content. OCR deals with recognition of patterns, AI and visual perceptions.


Despite the rapid advancement of AI, only a meager 10% of the executives believe in the power of AI in its maximization of company benefits and opportunities. Losing jobs to robots is the worst fear among employees. Machine learning enables complex decision making but they are not always able to explain the decisions as a consequence of which it becomes difficult to lay all our trust upon machines. For an algorithm of AI to develop it needs to be supplied with huge amounts of data along with constant supervision which proves to be a barrier from a technical standpoint.Unlike human brain, AI is not flexible enough in solving a variety of issues set in complex situations. The leap in complexity is impossible for AI.


The chief strategy is to deal with the challenges of foundational data and empower the general public with artificial intelligence. Amazon, Facebook and Google, the leading firms of AI, have begun to provide invaluable infrastructural support to IT companies across the globe to enable entrepreneurs to work on huge volumes of data and develop algorithms of AI.


The HEROES framework of development of IT infrastructure involves a transformation in five significant areas as enlisted below.

The strategy of Hybrid Cloud will enable IT professionals to make the right selection in virtual IT infrastructure for every use case that will introduce novel opportunities to enhance scalability, heterogeneity and agility. This strategy will enable the use of server-less computation, micro service architecture and software infrastructure. Edge computing is driven by the need for real time responses. Machine learning will accelerate the velocity of intelligence and will be employed in localization of data analysis in a device.RPA will transform the infrastructure of IT by simplifying the existent complexities, enhancing it with AI and magnifying the manual automation element. RPA is highly essential for the attainment of augmented level of performance. Cost overhead need to be dismissed as a factor in the maintenance of pace with rapid development of IT infrastructure. An unparalleled scalability and agility can only be achieved through high investment in state of the art infrastructure. Enterprise Security is perpetually threatened owing to persistent expansion of electronic economy. Executives are focusing on automation of cyber security infrastructure to get instant access to incoming signals and alerts and acting instantaneously on the verification and prioritization of the alerts.


A job in IT no longer restricted to a dingy room and a computer. In today’s world the realm of IT involves a multitude of platforms, processes, systems, applications and manual IT workers. The accelerated pace of development demands amplification in IT infrastructure.

Starting tomorrow we can be ‘HEROES’. Merging of businesses, electronic and safety strategies into a singularity will lend the corporate businessman a holistic view of their IT business. Injection of cyber security into the culture, keeping pace with the advancing progress and amending the old-school practices with AI will forge a hero in the IT sector. IT matters more than ever. IT is now the most significant sector that impacts every industry. Focusing on cost overhead and minimizing expenditure will only hinder the development in infrastructure and operation. The present day scenario of IT necessitates a dramatic metamorphosis in mindset that will set intellectual challenges and forge a world of opportunities for CIOs.


Artificial intelligence showcases its true essence at the time of providing a cosmic, multi-dimensionally felt experience which recognizes a seamless combination of coherent, expressive and perceptive layers of intelligence across a more widespread scenario. Unpacking AI involves taking the technology beyond the realm of fancy robots forecasting weather and receiving phone calls at some office helpdesk. Assistance through AI can only be achieved through extensive deployment and integration of technologies that will deliver timely assistance with flawless precision. The differentiated approach to AI revolves around the philosophy of creation of a unique ecosystem of AI that will stimulate and enhance the dimensions of man’s intelligence while enabling firm connection among each technology and solution through a system of integrated intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Any Other Machine Learning Forms are here not to Replace Human but to augment human capabilities and impact much more Positively. 


Practice of Ethical AI