Our Approach to AR

The sheer popularity of augmented reality was driven by video games and movies. Although the very popular and lightweight sun shades will not be installed with highly advanced augmented reality overlays any time soon owing to difficulties like limited bandwidth, problems with registration, a dearth of experience and high costs, however, a breakthrough in AR technology is right around the corner. AR has slowly weaved its way into our daily lives and is being efficiently employed even in the field of the military where it is used successfully to support and enhance military actions. This technology is utilized for everything from maintenance of aircraft to making provision for improved night vision for drivers.

The most probable sector to lead in AR is the industry of manufacturing and retail logistics. The myriad opportunities are in the realms of repairs and training assembly. The overlaying of schematics by Quantega will enhance the efficiency exponentially. The retail industries, with the expert assistance of Quantega are transforming offline stores into smart online environments that provide unique shopping experience through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Quantega provides flawless digital solutions and unique services to LSPs that redefine the management of supply chain of logistics distribution. Quality of education has accelerated and has got technologically revamped where students experience what they read in a digital dimension. AR is being used by our team of experts to create customized and responsive interactions especially in video games that involve Non Player Characters (NPCs) with intelligence traits closely resembling human-brain intelligence. Quantega is even assisting the military to make efficient utilization of AR.

Outlining AR for Enterprise Opportunities


Quantcare is a groundbreaking product of AR developed by the team of specialists at Quantega. Quantcare provides extensive and expert medical assistance to the underdeveloped and rural areas of India from remote locations.


It is highly essential for architectural designers and engineers to obtain a virtual experience of physical spaces and architecture. AR enables the creation of 3-D objects on flat screen and creates 3-D content for designers to visualize in the most comprehensive way.


Quantega Logistics solutions of AR aids in accomplishing efficiency of operations, greater visibility of supply chain and efficient usage of available resources. Quantega provides flawless digital solutions and unique services to LSPs that redefine the management of supply chain of logistics distribution.


Quantega assists manufacturing through the help of cutting-edge technologies. A company that has several factories operating at different locations can employ AR technicians and just a few engineers of mechanics to monitor the functioning from remote locations through AR headsets and blueprints developed based on real-time data provided by AR devices.


Applications of AR in the industrial sector enhance agility and competitiveness. In the aerospace sector Boeing employs AR glasses to direct technicians through hundreds of airplanes every year.


The most probable area for consumers to get highly exposed to AR and VR technologies is in the Services sector.

Challenges of Wearables Adoption

In spite of the multitude of challenges faced in the adoption of wearable technologies of augmented reality, Quantega is striving hard and is making sincere efforts to combat the challenges with technologically advanced solutions. The different categories of challenges in adoption of wearables are enlisted below.

Device-level Challenges: The most primary issue when it comes to device level is battery longevity. The battery is perpetually subjected to physiological that affect device display, processor abilities and communication.

Data-level Challenges: The devices are associated with a voluminous amount of data that require strong cloud infrastructure at the back end equipped with tight security features which becomes a challenge for traditional IT infrastructure.

Integration challenges: Individual AR devices possess their own protocols of operations and interoperability that do not conform to the standard protocols of device integration. Incorporation of a large cross-section of workers interconnected through devices is strenuous for traditional IT systems.

Regulatory challenges: Adoption of wearable technology in cars comes under the purview of regulatory actions as the technology often contains distracting use cases that need to strictly eliminate to ensure safety during driving.

Behavioral Challenges: Employee acceptance plays a big role in the adoption of wearables. It is essential for organizations to make clear declarations about data sharing and relevant controls and policies to ensure its transparent functioning.

Transforming Enterprise Reality

Quantega follows a solution-oriented approach in the transformation of enterprise reality. Transformation of enterprise reality involves creation of the essential infrastructure with new software and hardware that will enhance power of computation, bandwidth of network and storage capacity of data, creation of a backbone of AR and VR resources that can provide on demand access to users and enable them to connect securely over the network 24x7, incorporation of both AR and VR in the same platform, adaption to the change from PC-oriented workspace to a workspace that is headset-oriented, for which companies in the IT sector will need to undertake extensive and rigorous training to get adjusted to the change in orientation.

In Quantega, the transformation also involves intensification of features that ensure strict data confidentiality and security. AR and VR technologies believe in hyper-personalization for the user and as such the devices track down the statistics to the most microscopic of details. This feature raises several issues of user privacy especially when it comes to applications that depend on consumer data. Transformation of enterprise reality in Quantega demands the need for appropriate action that will ensure the confidentiality of data.

Augmented Reality is profound and is like a world within a world that’s more real, more intelligent.


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