What is Automation?
The machine driven automatic process or facility is “automation”. Machines have created a relevant difference and help on several levels. Our automation process is a sequence of 3 levels:

Primary automation

Primary automation provides automation for repetitive and rules-based tasks involving structured data.Quantega uses business process management (BPM) libraries and workflow software fueled by bot process automation for faster implementation to bring out the benefits more quickly. Primary automation serves as one of the core of any automation program and can eliminate errors, reduce biases and perform transitional work in no time.

Advanced automation

Quantega artificial intelligence (AI) technologies coupled with machine learning, natural language processing, and analytics, makes it easy to reach out at ranges previously unfit for automation. As said, advanced automation brings together human and machine to integrate multiple systems and work together to execute functions across an enterprise. Supporting more complex processes that rely on unstructured data with knowledge management and decision support helps us acquire greater levels of expertise.

Smart automation

Led by AI, intelligent automation drives autonomous decision making and a continuous process improvement that helps clients transform their business and adapt to the changing marketplace.

Quantega’s approach to transformation reflects a plethora of business needs including basic task automation through RPA to intelligent automation with cognitive technologies. Digital labor strategy, change management, and continuous improvement principles are the basis of how Quantega drives transformation to optimize and sustain attainable business benefits for various enterprise globally.

Our automation solutions

The optimisation of the amount human support needed can be easily analyzed through automation. It has bridged the gap between the human capability and technology and has the potential to redesign the work capabilities. Our services and solutions deploy accelerated proof of concepts using specific automation solutions.

Talent Services

Our experienced professionals help enterprises reinvent HR and talent to maximize workforce performance for the digital era. Quantega’s digital change services help businesses accelerate employee engagement and measurable adoption. We tend to improve communication and engagement with digitally delivered HR information to maximise workforce to hire the best. Talent acquisition, management and development are the underlying services provided by Quantega.

Finance and Admin

Quantega leverages digital capabilities to increase revenues and profits, generate value through business insight, and mitigate risks. Our Finance Services combines industry-specific functional advice with advanced solutions like blockchain to help enterprises transform finance and back-office operations. We help enterprises reduce their cost of finance operation by a decent percent to optimise the operating model.

Supply chain

Our supply chain optimisation enables organizations to predict, assess and reduces disruptions and risks while establishing and managing network. To improve the information flow across B2B business relationships, our B2B Collaboration empowers organizations ensures that critical transactions and data exchange are frictionless and productive. With intelligent omni-channel fulfillment, one can optimize inventory utilization and fulfillment efficiencies in real time easily with our omni-channel fulfillment keeping a track on all orders and across the network.

Acquisition and strategic sourcing

Our acquisitions services deliver a highly enriched user experience by accessing refined real-time data.We transform from analog to digital for more seamless, responsive acquisition. Automating low value activities by elevating talent capabilities. Our core objectives are to maximize leverage with suppliers, ensure adoption of Quantega cognitive data transformation solutions and streamline buying.

Customer Service

We enable call centres to be future ready by analyzing customer behaviors and preferences in real time and gaining new insight. We create an omni-channel service, virtual agents to scale support and integrate with current systems to produce personalised experiences.


We design and execute marketing technology solutions that strengthen customer engagement and maximize data-driven marketing and optimization. Campaign management, marketing insight, automation and marketing as- a- service, digital commerce services , sales Automation & Mobility, marketing analytics and smarter sales are some of the core elements of our marketing solutions.

Automation has a long and storied history. Today, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are starting a new phase of automation: intelligent automation. Intelligent automation is changing the way enterprises operate by using advances in technology to optimize processes, personalize customer experiences and enhance decision making.

Process mapping

What is it?

It is the first step in a process automation strategy. It’s an approach as to what will the business process define, what standards it will portray and to work across departments and functions to work out their current business processes and to discover new opportunities for innovation.

Why is process mapping important for my business?

Process mapping enables enterprises to have a much better understanding of your business processes and decisions, and to identify specific areas that are ready for automation. It optimizes business operations and proceedings and analyzes existing processes to identify the scope of improvement. It helps to create a up-to-date record of the business operations.

Our automation solutions help virtually eliminate all the copy and paste mistakes and increase the throughput by completing automated tasks in fraction of minutes. It also simplifies infrastructure, increases business growth and reduces expenses. Quantega’s approach to automation has helped enterprises improve their efficiency and productivity over the years.


The enterprise opportunities with intelligent auto

To compete in an era of globalization and fast-moving business change, we at Quantega apply smart technologies, which can reduce costs, increase scalability, improve accuracy, boost speed and make better use of human eff