Quantega’s Solutions to Big Data

The solutions provided by the team of experts at Quantega strive intelligently and efficiently to resolve the difficulties of dealing with voluminous and rapidly growing data. Our team employs the most cost effective methods to harness the potent value of big data for data analysis. In Quantega, a user is permitted to analyze and investigate every detail of what has happened by the use of trend analytics. But predictive analytics and root cause are the features that provide the user with in-depth comprehension of the reason of occurrence and its future prospects. However, our team makes the necessary provision for every client to identify the inherent opportunities of big data with the aim of improving the future and our team of data scientists uses opportunity and innovative analytics for the same.

Challenges of Big Data and their solutions provided by Quantega

The way in which big data is considered by the management of information lifecycle has still not received its much deserved attention. The management of the information lifecycle is confined to partitioning methods and focuses on actual instead of virtual location of data. Quantega resolves these. Security concerns and privacy issues have driven Quantega to focus on the management of information lifecycle and its governance. The supervision of big data and information is considered as highly significant by us for resolution of confidentiality concerns.  The colossal chunks of information are stored merely in desktops instead of in official systems of IT companies which prevent it from getting delivered to data warehouses. For this we ensure that the infrastructure, architecture and the network are capable enough to handle the huge volume of big data so that the data flow remains unhindered.

Quantega approach to Big Data

Our team of professional engineers and data scientists at Quantega has taken a significantly strategic initiative that invests in forging a robust capability on big data through the development of industry-specific solutions that will deliver industry assessment to our respected clients. The experts and dedicated consultants of big data at Quantega assist the clients in the realization of genuine values of corporate business in the platform of big data.


  1. Quantega provides a defined strategy and comprehensive roadmap: This defines the business cases for the demonstration of business values. Quantega provides an all-inclusive viewpoint on the technologies of big data and a framework and architecture of reference along with best possible practices for the implementation of technologies.

  2. Big data labs hired by Quantega: This is a readymade stack of platforms of big data that include Asterdata, NoSQL, multiple software of data integration, data analytics and business intelligence. The big data labs at Quantega enable quick piloting technical assessments and corporate scenarios for showcasing of values.

  3. Evaluation of technology and piloting at Quantega: All inclusive technology is being developed at Quantega for the assessment of platforms of big data, for tool selection, for the execution of technology proof of concepts and for building pilots that will demonstrate capability, value and potent of big data technology.

  4. Solution accelerators provided by Quantega: The offerings of solution accelerators provided by Quantega include pre-built kits of solutions, architecture for reference, accelerators and design of pattern.

  5. Quantega ideas of implementation: The ideas of implementation devised by the team of specialists at Quantega include defining of business cases and pilot demonstration of values to businesses, architecture for big data and its integration, migration of data from existent applications.

  6. Quantega techniques of Data visualization and analytics: This includes development of frameworks by the experts of Quantega for reporting and analysis of use cases of big data, for implementation of BI, advanced visualization technology of big data, predictive prototyping and complex analytics.


Quantega drives tangible benefits of business to every client and duly shifts the analytics from being centers of cost to that of revenue. At our venture, data analytics is integrated with in-depth expertise in domain and big data to assist clients in making optimized decisions and results.

The globe is now revolving around your fingers with its mountains, oceans and streams of big data analyzed and accessed at your fingertips.


Big Data to beat poverty