Our Business Cloud Solutions are a portfolio of Software‑as‑a‑Service and Business Process-as-a-Service models to help deliver off the spin business model advantages that provides advanced capabilities and innovations to run differently and operational efficiencies to run business better.

Our process

At Quantega, we simplify the journey to the cloud by help companies cut through confusion surrounding the cloud and find answers to the questions that are most pressing and relevant to their needs. We help clients take the right steps before their leap to cloud enabled business transformation.

We apply a proven transformation approach that enables to transform a business into a future-state cloud model. The approach has four broad steps— Evaluate and Plan, Set Up, Migrate and Manage.

Evaluate and Plan

We evaluate various cloud development strategies , assess the financial viability of the cloud migration, conduct a cloud suitability assessment for the candidate workloads, and create a cloud migration plan.


We set up a secure cloud environment based on workload requirements including identity and access management, connectivity and virtual network as well as extending IT Service Management (ITSM) processes to the cloud.


We transform workloads to the cloud environment based on the chosen migration strategy. Options include re-hosting the workload to the cloud, re-engineering the application for cloud, replacing the existing application with a cloud-based SaaS solution or integrating the existing application with a cloud-based system via service wrappers. We also conduct extensive post-migration validation testing in this process.


We manage the cloud-based systems, including service delivery (provisioning, self-service, service level management, regulatory compliance, availability, auto-scaling and high-availability considerations.

Key drivers

  • Identifying the associated organisational changes and skills needed to reveal the true potential of cloud.

  • Creating compelling target end state by aligning business’s cloud strategy with their objectives.

  • Evaluating the costs and benefits the journey to the cloud

  • Helping businesses plot their journey through the options and activities needed to deliver end state.

We help you get answers to questions like “What is the Cloud services vendor landscape like?” Our framework acts like a filter evaluating what is necessary to go on the Cloud and what stays on-premise. We help you get  an assurance of business continuity and a consistent user-experience through the course of migration. This helps business to have a profound impact on processes, customer relationships and IT costs. Our work plans and tests evaluate the volume and criticality of the data at the back-end and redeem adoption to ensure compliance.

Cloud Software services

Our Cloud Software Services combines the power of SaaS with a cutting-edge methodology to enable you to achieve the business outcomes you are seeking from a cloud-enabled approach. Quantega’s Process Driven Cloud Transformation allows organizations to leverage the cloud as a means to achieve their business objectives. Multiple cloud applications running in concurrence with on-premise applications is made possible by Hybrid Cloud feature. Cloud implementations often transform business models and force necessary change at all levels, including systems, process, organization, and people hence change management is brought into action. Multi-Cloud Orchestration is marked by the related use of best-of-breed SaaS solutions used to fit organizational requirements. Our Managed Services include cloud engagement value capture, BPaaS enablement, end-user engagement and application value enhancements. Our enterprise business strategy and discovery, enterprise cloud migration roadmap and process maturity assessment have helped us to build security-rich solution that creates values to the enterprises.

Quantega’s cloud services help businesses to create new sources of values.Our solutions that help us create new channels to market are scalable, secure and configurable. They are characterised by rapid onboarding to cut down the delays, metered pricing for optimizing costs and have ecosystem extensibility.

Quantega’s cloud solutions are well versed in deploying all types of cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds. We help drive cost savings, flexibility, security and compliance for mission‑critical applications. We will help clients choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy for their business that will help them visualise the process and enhance operation of their IT Infrastructure.


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