Quantega Gamification Platform

Gamification: Gamification is a technique introduced by the Internet of Things employed for the motivation of loyalty, engagement, and participation of the employees of a company. This is achieved through a seamless integration of gaming mechanics with the business website or enterprise applications. Through Gamification of interactions amongst customers, business partners and employees, the business sales get boosted along with strengthening of collaboration and improvement of ROI and client satisfaction.

The contribution of Quantega towards Gamification: Quantega has richly contributed to the rising popularity of Gamification by helping several business ventures with Gamification models and assistance which in turn has significantly impacted corporate training, employee participation, and business development.

Our Approach for Better Engagement

Interaction and genuine interaction are the two most essential factors of driving a business development.

Business-to-Employee interaction and commerce: Gamification introduces an interesting twist and enhances business productivity through adoption of technology, tools, and processes, engagement of employees in learning, encourages innovation and performance, reduces carbon footprint among employees and induces employee efficiency.

Business-to-Consumer interaction and commerce: Gamification in this category of interaction involves the adoption of improving technology and automation. It induces customer loyalty, improves social marketing, financial awareness and influences the sector of healthcare.

Business-to-Business interaction and commerce: In this category of business, gamification encourages partner management and compliance.

Quantega Enterprise Gamification Platform: Feature List Summary

Our Services:

The services provided by the Gamification platform of Quantega enterprise include core data, UI, challenge data and UI, organization level and data and UI redemption services. The core data services include user profile data, points, leaderboard and badges and activities and notifications data. The core UI services include a display of various leaderboard views and badges. The challenge data services include all services of data and UI relevant to challenges. The organization level services include user, mechanics, and metrics at an organization level. The data and UI redemption services include redemption of points, conversion of currencies, catalog data and display of user interface.

Core Features:

The core features of Quantega enterprise gamification platform include gamification widget, the module for a treasure hunt, learning module, sports fantasy, publishing of achievements to social media, metaphors, redemption of rewards, challenges and tasks, campaigns, behavior based on business metrics, levels and leaderboards and points and badges.

Supportive Features:

The supportive features provided by the Gamification platform of Quantega include the Gamification widget toolbar, organization data level services, UI services, data services, analytics dashboards, rules engine, and configuration app.

Gamification as Game Changer for Every Industry and Other Sectors

Companies suffer from a dearth of that competitive edge and often get labeled as mere commodities. For this reason, Gamification had to be incorporated into its fold to meet the rising demand for effective and long-term engagement amongst customers and employees. Quantega’s services of Gamification assists business organizations in establishing their brand, refining their competitive edge and in enabling employees and customers to realize their professional objectives. Gamification possesses the potential to make groundbreaking transformations in a company and open its doors across multi-national industries.

Gamification focuses on human essence and live up to what Marry Poppins says “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.”


How gamification can revolutionize our business

The goal of Gamification, changing behavior of employees and customers by appealing to their sense of fun and their competitive instinct, video game style. The insights of successful game designers to be used to engage c