Quantega supports all phases of the Aerospace program life cycle, including research and development, engineering, manufacturing, repair, modification, and maintenance. We also provide program and deployment support. Our team understands the complexities of the analysis, design, development, and production processes, and assists to visualise the idea that enterprises conceptualise.


Our solution

We speak your language and help industries with personalized solutions spanning across the aerospace industry. Our product lifecycle management solutions, integrated knowledge management solutions, cross channel service solution, service experience platform flyer, master data management solution and instinctual user interface have carved a huge difference in the aerospace industry. We help our clients to develop high-quality, performance-enhanced aerospace products at very low cycle times. Building connected airplanes, green aircraft, avionics electronics for control systems, electronic cockpits to network oriented computing we help enterprises improve operational performance.


Our services

Quantega delivers cost efficiencies in various fields.



Quantega’s manufacturing practice focuses on high-technology aerospace process manufacturing and resources. Our lean production lines and advanced technology helps us ensure precision in every single manufactured unit. With deep domain knowledge intensified by technology-led differentiation we are able to extract business value from implemented technology. Our Integrated Planning and Optimization for Outsourced Manufacturing – attempts to bring OEMs, contract manufacturers, and customers on a common platform for collaborative planning.


Product lifecycle management

At Quantega, we help our clients to realize the true value of product lifecycle management(PLM) in terms of business metrics such as time-to-market, time-to-volume, and product quality. We attempt to change the conventional mindset about PLM package implementation. Our PLM solutions cover the entire the product lifecycle right through the end of life. Our Scientific process evaluation tools, reference models, and exceptional integration adapters reduce solution life cycle costs and implementation time.Our service-oriented-architecture-led PLM enables enhanced and faster product decisions.


Mechanical Product Development

Our mechanical product development services span the entire development life cycle – from concept, development, and validation to launch. We analyze and optimize the concept design and provide the assistance tailored to the need of enterprises.We deliver importance to each phase of development by positioning best-to-offer engineering talent, coupled with robust processes for program management framework ensuring effective execution. We catalyze your product development and deliver visible business value.


Knowledge-Based Engineering

Our Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) maturity model assesses the capability and define a roadmap with the help of surveys. We employ product knowledge configurators that take hold of information and complex knowledge paths in an organised way. We reduce cost by providing unified solutions for handling data and workflow and rework to improve product success rates.


Structures and Systems

To analyze cost drivers and alternatives across the engineering value chain, we apply competitive benchmarking. Our enhanced designs and business operating models (BOM) reduce/meet target cost has help us shorten development time. We have acquired deep expertise in designing aircrafts structures and systems.



We offer end-to-end software development services for avionics systems. Our solutions cover requirement specifications, design, implementation, testing, software integration, system integration and sustenance needs. We real-time controls and embedded software based on multiple computing platforms. We provide control over various systems like flight management navigation and crew alerting.

Our solutions, technology and consulting for aerospace and defense help our Clients grow the top line through differentiated aftermarket services, manage development complexity, and profitably launch innovative new systems



A new age of aerospace innovation

To successfully compete on the battlefields of 21st-century business, we at Quantega reinvent the processes and culture in order to sustain innovative solutions. The New Age of Innovation is a complete program for achiev