Quantega’s Agriculture practice helps the association of farmers envelope technology to increase crop yield, calculate risks of successive harvests and rationalize operational costs. We deal with the dynamics of soil, moisture and crop across plantations using real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wireless sensors, geospatial systems, and weather stations. Our mobility solutions integrate geospatial imagery and data for smart agriculture, livestock management, and logistics. Our artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics platform combines big data with machine learning capabilities to predict animal illness, crop stress, and breakdown of farm equipment.

Quantega’s agriculture practice bridges the gap between on-field data and business insights of the farming ecosystem to transform operations across the agriculture lifecycle. Our forward applications combine data, analytics and algorithms to determine the feasibility of crops via climatic conditions, soil nutrients and cost of interruptions required to achieve calculated output.

To ensure traceability across the agricultural supply chain, we verify field records. Our mapping tools process data of soil moisture, sunlight, rainfall, soil fertility, humidity, pests, and weeds to drive crop management.

Our offerings


Quantega’s agriculture practice provides logistics solutions for the smooth flow of inputs (data, seeds, fertilizers, and water) and output (produce). We combine mathematical modeling, techniques and optimization tools to upgrade multi-modal transportation systems. We help to safeguard the quality of short-lived produce and mitigates post-harvest loss of bulk traded products. We rationalize transportation cost per mile and maximizes asset utilization. Our solutions address the requirements of diverse distribution models including virtual hubs, merge-in-transit, and reverse logistics.

Precision Farming

Our precision farming techniques identify risks such as water logging, soil erosion and salinity. To implement targeted crop management programs, we solve out the risks by breaking it down into smaller segments. Crude insights enable adoption of sustainable farming practices to improve crop yield and quality.

Farm Mechanisation

Our practices boost farm mechanization with automation and advanced wireless technology. We use real-time crop and field-specific data to optimize application of agricultural inputs such as seeds, water, and fertilizers. It dynamically controls irrigation systems. We incorporate sustainable farming to boost farm productivity. We undertake an objective assessment of sustainability practices for insights into biodiversity, amount of inputs/additives applied per unit of cultivated land, stress encountered by plants, and the health of animals.

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management solutions help to preserve nutritional value while minimizing loss of perishable produce. By preventing post-harvest decay/diseases caused by fungi and insects, we help growers and warehouse operators increase food availability. Continuous monitoring of ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen enables averting action from remote locations.

Commodity Trading and risk management

We offer commodity trading and risk management solutions to manage inventory and financial positions across commodities, markets, and currencies. We help agribusiness enterprises, procurement agencies, and commodity traders/brokers better manage their portfolio and take informed decisions.

Food Safety

Our agriculture practice helps food producers, processors, distributors, and warehouses prevent contamination and wastage of fresh and processed products. We implement sensor networks to monitor the condition and quality of food, while processing, in transit and on shelves at retail stores. It automates reporting of parameters such as location, temperature and shipping time.

We modernize the agricultural supply chain by integrating individual parts across the crop lifecycle. Supply chain visibility and traceability systems establish best practices and address sustainability requirements.Our Collaboration tools engage stakeholders, including input suppliers, food processors, distribution channel partners, regulators, transporters, export houses, packaging units, procurement companies, and commodity traders. We support remote operations, incident management, route optimization, and campaign management through our mobile enabled applications with configurable widgets.

How are we blending IoT in agriculture industry?

We have incorporated IoT platform that integrates IoT and weather data, which will help farmers to build predictive weather modeling. It can provide the insights that help farmers to make strategic decisions on planting crops and take necessary actions to prevent the damage caused by extreme weather. The IoT platform has the capacity to integrate drone imagery and sensor data from soil and environment sensors. The insights generated from that data can help farmers plant and monitor the field effectively. Our solution can monitor the plant environment 24/7 in real-time, analyzing drone aerial imagery and sensor data from soil and environment, getting information such as plant health, soil moisture, CO2, sunlight, rainfall, air, humidity and more. It helps farmers to improve crop productivity.

Our agriculture services aim to control costs and increase the flexibility in the system. Our practices enhance the supply chain services. We offer sustainability solutions to minimize the social and environmental footprint of food production. We provide Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) solutions to ensure safe farming and comply with regulations for occupational health and environmental protection.


The Future of Indian Agriculture – The Right Tec

The aim of the Mission is to restructure and strengthen agricultural extension to enable delivery of appropriate technology and improved agronomic practices to farmers. This is envisaged to be achieved by a judicious mix