An overview

We have an efficient network management system that evaluates network management strategy and craft a course of action. With synchronised and accompanied processes, we promise the certainty and capability of the network management operation. Our network services helps to lessen costs, reduce complexity over data centre, local and wide area networks. Quantega’s solutions help to reduce unintended recess, automate management and provide high data and network capacity at a low cost. Our software-defined technologies, automation, and analytics have resulted into a centralised management system. We settle an one on one conversation sections from our experts for detailed solutions to the client’s queries.

Our Capabilities

Our data and network services work with global communication service providers to rationalise their standards.

Our network management foster data migration whenever the database management system is incompatible with the existing format.  Modeling and configuring network according to desired specifications helps to maintain one-on-one as well as one- to- many relationships in the network system. By combining discovery with automatic reconciliation we create a consistent view of the network that can solve any discrepancy. Our comprehensive need analysis enables us to design and implement the plan that can drive outcomes for enterprises.

We avoid system inefficiencies, inconsistent data, and inflexible infrastructure problems by enhancing critical systems and ensuring data integrity. We improve our customer’s loyalty by supporting them with the next-gen services. Improved resource control and network presence help to reduce cost and operational expenditures. We Integrate with lateral systems through Tele Management Forum (TMF) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) standards compliance. Our methodical execution and steady maintenance improve process integration. Our services include network strategy, data integration, network audits, customization, design, deployment, testing and service assurance.

Quantega delivers innovative storage systems to handle the excessive need of data storage and data management needs. These technologies promise to give experiences like simple file services to advanced replication services. Our data protection allows you to do everything from restoring a lost file due to a virus or complete the loss of your facilities. We recognize that different enterprises have different data sets and have varying requirements. Therefore we incorporate updated technologies to meet their respective demands.

Quantega has decent experience in dealing with data and network management engagements across various enterprises globally. Our self-healing process corrects the data defects and network disruptions in the most significant manner thereby increasing the execution rate of our services.


Era of Quantum Internet

As we move closer to building a working quantum communications network, the possibility of a quantum internet becomes more and more real. Quantum computers would transform the lives of ordinary people just as the transis