Our expertise

Quantega provides intelligent energy management services to adequately monitor and remotely control energy consumption and infrastructure. Our concurrence of automation technologies, control systems and security systems enables enterprises to stand out in the market. Time advances in technology are driving innovation in energy management offerings. Through Quantega’s previous experiences in all of these areas, plus the ongoing involvement in customer management, we help enterprises conceptualize and deliver successful energy management services.  Our consumer energy management, renewable energy programs, energy efficiency response and structured analytics for program improvement have helped us develop a niche in energy management services.

Our services

Our services include energy analytics, regulatory compliance management, design of enclosure and mechanical products, end to end product design, development and performance engineering services. We develop control system platform like embedded systems for field controllers, network protocol enhancement, and engineering tools development. We enable communication of protocols such as  BACnet, Modbus, LonTalk, and ZigBee by integrating building systems.Regulatory compliance management and consulting are also one of the key elements of the services we provide.

Let’s change energy management using IoT

Quantega has ensured enhanced quality of life through reduced energy consumption and optimizing energy costs by coupling IoT with analytics. With the advancement of IoT, collecting data has become easier, as devices are programmed to record the slightest amount of data generated, and communicate with each other. This can be deployed to monitor and control energy usage.  In the time, predictive analytics is helping enterprises to source energy from utility providers, at much lower rates.

IoT coupled with analytics provides an integrated view of energy usage across various parameters thereby maximizing their benefits. Sensor-based data acquisition generates actionable insights through cloud-based data analytics engines helping enterprises visualize their energy consumption.

Companies can also foresee their future energy consumption patterns and asset performance with the help of predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence. An active energy management system can be structured to optimize energy consumption by running efficient equipment more frequently.This helps to predict their energy requirement, and plan maintenance of their assets, resulting in significantly improved operational efficiency.

Our outlook

Quantega is Implementing IoT-based solutions to optimize energy consumption to help enterprises develop an alliance between them and utility service providers.  Quantega enables companies to robotize, monitor and control the two-way flow of energy from power plant to plug, provide advanced portfolio/task management capabilities that use predictive analytics for better management of resources and suggests corrective action.


AI Strategy for Energy Management in India

AI can help combat the demand management issue through predictive algorithms. These algorithms can help decide when to store and when to release energy for balancing power grids. They can also accurately predict the prod