Our Services at Quantega:

Games no longer exist for the purpose of entertainment and entertainment alone. There are games that instill knowledge, enhance retention of knowledge and encourage the gamers to learn more by immersing them in simulated scenarios that challenge their skills and put their knowledge prowess to test. Today, games are for learning, education, training and the like. The new methodologies of learning through gaming transcend the traditional boundaries of time and place to enable informal and formal learning in unconventional ways. Smart Play Framework is the seamless integration of novel methods and state-of-the-art technologies that enable users to learn and research them while gaming.

Our Approach at Quantega:

The strategy of learning and design developed by the team of specialists at Quantega involves state-of-the-art methods, software and hardware tools that restructure the process for users.

Quantega’s approach towards learning through gaming includes the provision of a scheme that blends in learning and training to decrease the duration of training at work and maintain the competitive edge of the corporation in terms of quality and productivity and enhance the overall experience of learning. The method positions learners at the center of optimal learning in scenarios based on their work roles to communicate the value of learning to the employers of the organization.

Cost Effective Solutions:

The key factors that contribute to the cost like with gaming can be categorized into fidelity of animation and graphics, the complexity of interaction and design and extent of personalization against standard tools, platforms, templates and graphics libraries. From low to high, animation and graphics consist of 2D or static graphics, 2.5D or graphics that are mostly static with moderate animation and 3D or fully animated graphics rendered with 3D tools of modeling. Complexity is determined by the degree of simulation, difficulty levels, and facilities of adjustment, display of gamer status and rewards statistics and modular design based on SCORM. The extent of personalization upon which the cost-effectiveness depends is determined by the reusability of templates and the extendibility of libraries.

Straining With Complex Systems:

The environment, economy and the universal movement of supplies are continually challenged by the colossal amounts of data. Straining with complex systems refers to the way the organization is straining its resources to interpret and analyze the big data and make the best and most informed decisions.

Analytics are of extreme significance and executives have now realized that analytics can breathe life into information to deliver rich insights that involve infrastructure, processes, technology, and assets. The organization needs to develop an approach that permits multiple visualizations of data that even layman can understand and contribute to the development of information and decision-making.

Various Areas Where we Help:

Quantega offers valuable assistance to clients in several arenas that include helping public school systems to inspire students with self-paced electronic curriculum, help municipalities with conveyance of insights into city infrastructure, aid agencies with disaster management, integrate the Games for Health movement and enable doctors to track the physical condition of patients and assist the military with tackling complex strategies and use of operations.

Creating the Games:

The games constructed by the team of experts at Quantega address the complex elements of the client’s business and assesses the present state versus the state that is desired. The stakeholders and staff examine the components, assess the needs and build decisions based on staff expertise and organizational goals and architecture. The additional solutions to the creation of games include scalable infrastructure that is cloud-enabled, decision analytics and optimization of a commercial grade, applications of collective intelligence, access to systems of legacy and easing the work of integration.

Gaming is the backbone of technological development.


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