Quantega Life Sciences practice offers a host of solutions and services to combat with the increase in number of informed consumers, developments in regulatory requirements and value based medicine. We are keen on developing the life sciences industry into a collaborative ecosystem for improved science, dynamic business strategies, patient centricity, and data-driven solutions. Our strategy helps life sciences, including pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of their processes while continuously rethinking transformation to meet contemporary business needs.

Our suite of services

Life sciences consulting services:

To enable business transformation, we bring together life sciences domain knowledge and cross-industry best practices. Our repositories drive operational excellence at client sites. We develop IT strategy and roadmap for insightful solutions.

Life sciences business solutions: 

We address complex, operational, and administrative functions to overcome challenges in leveraging IT. We offer analytics platform to create predictive insights. Our practices include marketing, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution. We provide solutions for a comprehensive approach to biopharma sales and marketing. We also offer compliance services to cater to the regulatory needs and provide packaged implementation for business transformation.Our key services include device mobility enablement, value analysis, cost benchmarking, new product development and sustenance, product lifecycle management and manufacturing operations management.

Life sciences research and development solutions:

We respond to research, development of safety and regulatory needs. Our research and development solutions include risk-based monitoring solution enabling efficient clinical trials conduct. We provide life sciences research analytics and drug repurposing platform to create value on research investment. Our regulatory submission platform provides a robust cloud-based solution and streamlines supply chain and inventory management.

Life sciences IT foundation services:

We help pharmaceutical and biotech organizations build, integrate, run, and manage mission-critical applications efficiently with minimum costs. Our key foundation services include infrastructure management and cloud services. Our application development and maintenance and portfolio assessment have set new bars in the life science industry.

How are we coping with challenges in pharma industry?

The pharmaceutical industry is going through a massive transition. Therefore, Quantega helps organizations to innovate and look out for more effective healthcare solutions. We help them harness the power of advanced technologies like IoT, cloud, big data and analytics to seek greater value. Our mobile engagement with patients can lead to an easier exchange of information with patients. The data collected can be used to improve the process planning and execution. Automation practices have helped the pharma industry in improving operational efficiency and responsiveness of business processes.

We help pharmaceutical industries to demonstrate value based healthcare and develop a channel where patients can be involved in creating decisions. Our regulators focus on moving towards benefit and cost effectiveness.

Digital advancements in life sciences

We at Quantega, are making organizations future ready for adapting this shift in life science industry. We understand it is “the”time for companies to understand the opportunities it will outgrow. New market entrants are changing the game with innovative techniques like multi-channel campaign management, developing patient-centric smart tools and devices, providing consolidated real-time access to physicians and helping companies have more options to help patients within the boundaries of healthcare regulations.

With the forces of change that industry is facing such as increasing costs, pricing pressures and productivity issues,Quantega makes sure to help clients to build an efficient and agile infrastructure that fully embraces new technologies and helps them to deal with these issues


AI to Help in Healthcare and Life Science

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