An Overview

Quantega ’s rational and foretelling analytics solutions can better inform logistics decision-making with increased network velocity, less disturbances, lower costs, less labour engagement and more on-time deliveries. Tractability and clarity are the pillars of foundation of logistics. We help business optimize their business transactions and trading relationships with secured business networks. Quantega blockchain enables a sheer visibility of an asset and its condition. This helps identify issues faster and increase the client’s trust. We create a consistent customer experience by allowing our clients to orchestrate unified campaigns which deliver value to the organization.

Our Key Drivers:

  • Using asset tracking GPS devices to track, monitor and report motion of assets and vehicles.

  • Using remote monitoring and vehicle diagnostics data to predict the modeling of resale value of commercial assets.

  • Implementing RFID-enabled inventory tracking along with mobility solutions and transportation strategy.

Our Services

Quantega’s Logistic services, along with our deep consulting expertise in business processes and IT modeling, helps to deliver the project on time. By paying close attention to key performance indicators (KPIs), we can enterprises run better and run differently all around the world.

Here is a list of our services:

Analytics for transportation and logistics

We have invested in building modeling tools for predictive analysis that helps to make decisions in organizations. Remote diagnostics and maintenance, timely delivery performance management, vehicle telematics analysis and outbound logistics cost optimization are the areas where we have made a significant difference.

Social Media analysis

We make better decisions by analyzing assembled data from logistics application, pairing it with unassembled data from social media. Quantega offers event based social media monitoring and on-demand services. We help our clients gather and leverage social media data for competitor intelligence, lead generation, supply chain disruptions, product performance feedback and a better understanding of the customer experience. This is made available through our social media analysis which are made to cater provide personalized experience to our customers.

Rail and Road Transportation service management

Quantegat’s solutions for rail and road transport service providers fuse the latest technologies and focus on both core and non-core processes. The scope of our work includes transportation planning and strategy consulting, CRM, BI and asset management.

Logistic services for internal office processes

Quantega provides specialized services to run back-office processes in vehicle logistics. We help our clients focus on their core business while our teams manage day-to-day services. Providing master data management, monitoring vehicle deliveries, manage delivery status, tracking routes and stock locations, and documenting agreements like NAFTA are some of the day to day services we manage for our clients.

Third party logistics

With the aid of third party logistics services, we cover all the major concerns occurring in the logistics industry. Our service providers yield real-time visibility in vehicle movement status. We work with leading third party logistics service providers to manage the flow of resources from time to time.

Quantega offers many solutions well suited to transportation and logistics service providers, including smart yard management, dynamic route planning, and analytics.  Our outbound logistics process management services allow our clients to focus on their core operations while we take care of their routine business transactions as well as documentation related to global trade management. Our Pick-up and Delivery Process Visibility has made the work easier by saving on time and producing desired results. Digital tolling solution is another feature which has created a difference in the logistics industry.


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