A vivid public inclination towards VR systems, AI enabled chatbots and IoT devices have raised the expectations in every industry. These enterprises expect a high-end customers- experience to ensure the engagement of their clients. With the modern advancements in computerization, customer experience(CX) is not merely an advantage anymore, but it has come out to be the necessity for Digital Service Providers that intend to raise their business profits.

Quantega is here to give enterprises a network to interconnect products, operations and clients over the Digital Network and give a seamless Customer Experience.

With buyers expecting consistent and instinctive responses in each association, and competition capably duplicating effective plans of action to draw in and win new clients—makers are making a special effort to convey convincing and exceptional brand encounters.

Quantega offers a wide range of

  • Computerized Dealership: intersection of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Digital connections to convey an immersive and responsive client participation

  • Self-Service: a solitary client window for all business exchanges

  • Advanced Analytics: knowledge on client conduct and item execution

  • Servitization: computerized enablement for offering items as an administration

  • Online business: ubiquitous client encounter empowering product designs, price estimation and quotation and advancement methodologies

  • Social CRM: accomplishes the portion of one

  • Mobile Apps designed for Dealers and Clients: a common platform for persona-and-area based administrations

The challenges faced by today’s manufacturers is a lack of proper planning to accomplish higher operational efficiencies and better use of resources. An absence of appropriate stock administration crosswise over plants can expand working capital expenses by up to 10 percent. Current answers for deliver this issue neglect to urge workers to utilize the out of date stock. In this manner, the arrangements are not propelling or sufficiently handy to cause behavioral change

Our Solution

We provide our clients with a radical gamification way to deal with address this test of out of date stock. This is a piece of our Digital StoreTM, a suite of prepared to-utilize advanced arrangements. These arrangements convey ongoing information investigation and hierarchical dexterity over different industry portions. Our approach utilizes process, innovation and investigation in a configuration intended to affect worker conduct. The gamification part of the arrangement utilizes compensate focuses dashboards for workers that effectively take an interest in utilizing out of date stock. Representatives are remunerated focuses or motivating forces in light of their rate of utilization of outdated stock and gain Silver, Gold, or Platinum positions. This guarantees more employee commitment, makes an aggressive yet community- oriented group condition, and enables the workforce to demonstrate conduct in an unexpected way.

Quantega invites enterprises to opt new methods of multi-channel and omni-channel eCommerce. This will cross through existing frontiers and create a new customer-centric manufacturing approach to provide a seamless and collaborative channel for their business.

This approach will help you to increase loyalty and revenues. An omni-channel network will give the customers an easier interface and greater options to make a choice. Another aspect is expanding opportunities and relevancy. Quantega delivers user-centric services to facilitate relevant operations and incorporate disruptive digital technologies.

Inventive ways to deal with teaming up, virtualizing, and quickening your item outline, advancement, and dispatch. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) characterizes how to oversee and computerize product lifecycle forms, from item conceptualization to retirement. We provide our clients with both the central ideas and the key useful parts of a PLM framework. It portrays key industry goals, for example, virtual item advancement, item process-assets strategy, a community PLM, and comparing amalgamation approach.



The enterprise opportunities with intelligent auto

To compete in an era of globalization and fast-moving business change, we at Quantega apply smart technologies, which can reduce costs, increase scalability, improve accuracy, boost speed and make better use of human eff