An Overview

Increasing focus on digitization and more digital driven marketing has catalysed a prominent data enabled revolution in the media and entertainment industry. It is time to get accustomed to the omnipresence of mobile devices. Our media and Entertainment services reboot enterprises with new processes and systems while crossing over previous technologies with updated digital offerings.

It is important to have a digital manual for your system as it is more interactive, responsive to broadcasters, ideators, advertisers, and viewers. Digital processes boost productivity and should be incorporated to launch new business models and distribution channels.


Our key Features

We transform the media delivery platforms in order to provide more customized content for digitally advanced audiences to gain better customer insights. For better customer engagement we develop new capabilities for digital assets and customer analytics. Using Big Data we predict our client’s preferences with relevant messages. Identifying patterns across channels to analyze the content usage to personalize the media content been delivered . We integrate understanding to marketing decisions and campaign planning by adopting data-driven strategies and advanced analytics. We work on data-driven operations that helps us incorporate insights from various sources to improve efficiencies.


Our services

Whether it is our pure -play process or our niche offerings built on domain expertise , Quantega is determined to deliver worth to its clients. We create far-reaching outcomes for entreprises starting from process transformation to customer experience.

Our core offerings are as follows:


Quantega provides complete solutions that address the SG&A and COGS of the both obsolete and digital operations across the elementary revenue streams like advertising, circulation and content. We deliver on a broad spectrum of devices ensuring that the service we provide stands out in the market and is easily accessible and engaging.

Media and Entertainment

Quantega has a strong focus on developing suitable offerings to meet the evolving digital media standards and networks segment. Our services are driven by trends we see in the market – such as increased online viewing of video, increasing consumer demand for ‘anytime anywhere’ consumption of content on any device, and increasing consumer usage of social media to express their opinions on content. Social media, metadata tagging and recommendation management being quite a few of our features.

New Media

We make sure to keep up with the quality, cost and convenience of our services by bringing new media into the picture. We look after the Digital Ad- operations including account management, order insertion , content development, campaign setup, compliance, optimization, reporting and monitoring campaign performance , customer service and SEO which are both paid and organic services.

Social Media

Quantega help enterprises to embrace the new social media reality. This enables them to maximize their monetization and reach to a wider audience. We incorporate holistic social media operations strategy to cater to the advancements. We support the social presence by focusing on freshness of the content. We help our clients foster communications by managing content. We control the flow of inappropriate content to deliver value to our clients. Identifying key influencers with relevance to the social activity of consumers, we create market awareness and buzz. By integrating varied services, tools and processes, we deliver actionable insights.

Quantega has been a keen source in reinvent telecommunications, media and entertainment business with active, scalable networks and platforms to deliver innovative services which helps us improve the customer experience and generate internal efficiencies.


AI : The Next Mozart

Humankind has done a great deal in terms of making exquisite art, whether through its paintings, songs, or performance art. Museums are packed with such work, and ordinary people have libraries full of fantastic literary