Quantega helps businesses formulate their own strategy and reduce time by helping them across all stages of the application development cycle. Catering to the needs of enterprises, we develop shortened development lifecycle and quicker project completion. Our application and maintenance being an AI-driven platform drive automation and innovation. It enables clients to reconstruct their business’s landscapes and achieve goals that align with their needs. Our application modernization strategy helps businesses modernize their mainframes without a full-scale migration. Our tools and accelerators along with strong techno-functional abilities have helped us push the envelope beyond cost and quality. With knowledge-based curation of internal platforms, we provide best in class ecosystem to provide business agility and speed.

Our domain consulting for application engagement delivers services starting from strategy building to operations. We provide in-depth knowledge in application development technologies. Our advances in container management, blockchain, software-defined applications, and infrastructure has helped our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Quantega helps clients automate their value chain through application packages, realize value through configurable package-centric solutions, and facilitate technologies to evolve a comprehensive IT landscape.


Strategy & Architecture

We work to develop practical, implementable IT strategies for the applications that align IT plans with business strategy to deliver maximum business value.We develop IT strategies that enable the delivery of the business agenda, building business cases that enable the governance of the delivery of business value, and agreeing upon IT strategy roadmaps that set clear expectations, with all stakeholders.

We believe that our application and infrastructure optimization offerings enable us to be a perfect choice for the enterprise We identify potential opportunities to modernize/rationalize the application and infrastructure portfolio, leveraging best industry trends.we analyze the current situation and accordingly develop architecture options and landscapes.

We work with our clients to define, plan and measure the technical architecture services. We design and manage the EAI blueprint and optimize the architecture by choosing the right services for the automation process.


Our applications for NGOs

We do not formulate our services only for businesses and enterprises but aim to impact the NGO with the advancement in the technology. The implementation of AI, blockchain and Big Data can have an amazing change and help them do more. Blockchain can support various NGOs in tackling their complex issues. With our social applications, there is hope for people to become financially independent and have their documentation to be secure. We aim to help NGOs make use of blockchain for their publicly documenting situations where large numbers of people interact with each other and enhance the transparency in the cases like land tenure, property rights, birth records, and advocacy initiatives. From delivering food vouchers to voting, our social applications empower NGOs to do what they are capable of.

We make sure to convey the significance of data sciences to the NGOs. We help them solve their data-related problems and also organise events wherein they can interact better and open up about the specific problems faced by them. Many social organisation is wary about the relevance AI and Blockchain will have to them. But nowadays most of them work digitally hence data exists so we streamline it.



The nextgen social media

Social networking has helped us keep up to date with everything everywhere. From the beginning, usage drove new habit creation and altered value systems for users and businesses. Social networks have changed the way we c