An overview

Quantega deliver business consulting and IT solutions which helps enterprises to deal with the technological problems they face in the transportation field. We provide customized solutions that clients demand by combining analytics to equipment optimizing facility management operations in hotel related services.Our rail solutions optimize capacity and assets to improve operational efficiency. We visualise travel needs and proactively manage the assets that should be available on a call. Personalizing the passenger journey from end to end we prepare our clients for the fast and intelligent operations.Our airline services incorporate IoT to drive operational excellence. Our freight and logistic solutions increase network velocity and improve labor utilization. Eminent airline, rail transport companies choose Quantega to maintain their fleet, improve the asset usage and have a control over critical control system.

Our solutions

We have always kept the digitization at the forefront. Through research, we have made methodologies to unfold new age functionalities of various fields. A lot many changes have been noticed in the travel industry in recent times owing to the advancement in the technology.

Here are few of our solutions that have made a difference :

Social Intelligence

Systemize unstructured content into structure content to gain an overall understanding of the target audience and accordingly cater to their demands.

Connected GSE

To manage Ground Support Equipment in real time, we have our IoT enabled centralised solutions. It helps us keep a track on GSE operations.


We have customized solutions the travel by air through Transportation Security Administration compliance and speed up access to the airline crew.

Digital Crew

On board-CRM, advanced crew operations and passenger management have led to the development of a digital platform that has made things easier.

Digital Airlines

We have made customer experiences better with the digital advancements of airlines in all streams of operations.

Smart Assist

Increasing brand loyalty by creating personalized offers, coupons and targeted promotion through a mobile solution.

We use IoT devices for better inventory control and baggage tracking enabling real-time ULD management. Using beacons and geotagging to provide location-based services like finding the way to the airport or dropping by at a mall.

At Quantega, we strive to heighten the travel in the area of artificial intelligence. We prepare for the ever-evolving age of intelligent operations and personalised experiences. We are transforming the world of travel and transportation with an amazing blend of innovative thinking, design and process management to deliver stellar business outcomes.