Hiring and Training

When you hire someone, you expect that person to be perfect in terms of everything. Starting from being fit for the job role to be a potential resource for the company, you want the candidate to shine

The Future of Technology is Here

Our company, which is comprised of 50 young, talented minds, understands the astounding benefits these innovations will have on our lives, and strives to remain at the forefront of progress and forwar

Innovation for food from farm to table

The best part of technology is that it keeps on enhancing results irrespective of geographical conditions (such as weather, climate, availability of water, soil fertility, etc.), the country is develo

Gaming and Entertainment - The New Approach

The industry is now a multi-billion dollar juggernaut, and there are tons of companies and independent designers and programmers all over the world, who are focused full time into making the latest ga

AI First World: What Awaits New Recruits?

Speculations have been at an all-time high as to how the transition will change the world. Even before the world could fully grasp and adjust to the ways of a mobile-first life, an artificial intellig

Machines being built based on Learning system

Science has shown that different people learn differently, some work better with visuals, some are more auditory, other need physical movement to be able to comprehend and understand (think of Steve J

We are going live on 21 March

We are going live on 21 March

hello this is test news

hello this is test news