Quantega Associates with best Corporate Trainers to Upskill its Global Workforce

Quantega encourages its employees  to strive towards skill enhancement and achieve career growth. This is made possible with the help of a well-defined team of Corporate trainers that nurture them, and inculcate a passion for their work. The methodologies are employee oriented that are specific to each employee and their skill set rather than generalizing and setting standardized benchmarks for all. We are in the process of collaborating with some of the best training partners in the slot like EMC2, VMWARE, RSA, ELASTIC and PIVOTAL to provide our employees with the best training available.

We have been fortunate to work with the best training partners as they don't just impart the best training but also are responsible for the inception of that particular technology.Quantega believes in creating MAGIC for its employees as we care for their productivity and their comfort in our ecosystem. High-end technology support and years of experience are precisely what Quantega delivers to its employees. Our optimised nature of work makes it simpler for Quanters to tackle special projects and challenges efficiently.

Quantega brings out the best of skills in its people and creates adequate opportunities for them to learn and grow. We entertain new ideas and encourage these young entrepreneurs to make the most of their talents. We believe in a cumulative growth where everyone enjoys equal perks and support.We are inclined towards building a better tomorrow and create a smart workforce that is determined towards achieving their personal and professional goals. These proficient employees are not only equipped with a high-end skill set but are also prepared to face any likely change in the economy because of the ever-changing technology and business transformations.

1 year ago