Our Innovative approach to reinvent businesses

We aim at providing enterprises aid to develop and build trustworthy systems on which they can rely on to creating the vision of their  life. We serve organisations globally and provide solutions addressing complex IT queries and challenges thereby creating value through sustainable innovation. Our creative thinking paired with technology expertise gives us a push to achieve market excelling performances.

Key Drivers Include

  • Scaling to Cloud Services to optimize IT- resources and speeding up time to market

  • Enhancement in Network Services to cut down the money drained to create and maintain the network capabilities.

  • Advancement in Business Resiliency Services to alert you to be decked up against any disturbance across your corporation.

  • Simplifying IT support management with our Technology Support Services providing proactive and onsite support.

  • Building better collaborative environment for our people with niche Digital Workplace Services

Decoding our approach that creates a gold standard for digital transformation

Since time unknown, we have been working towards creating an innovation that has a place in this world. We strive at creating a difference by providing with cost-effective and sustainable solutions. This means that our clients always will be fed by professional, knowledgeable and interested consultants who toil hard to provide the best for every facility at hand. We help them achieve deeper insights in the business with our core capabilities in various technological services.

Our at par excellence Strategy and Architecture

We work diligently to coin practical, implementable IT strategies that align IT plans with business strategy to deliver maximum business output. We develop IT strategies that enable the delivery of the business agenda, building business cases that enable the measurement of the delivery of business value, and agreeing upon IT strategy roadmaps that set clear expectations, with all stakeholders, on when and how the strategy will be implemented.

We assess the possible benefits of applying existing technology (applications, platforms, services and infrastructure) to the business processes, penning down possible risks or costs, and developing scenarios for realizing the business benefits. Also providing IT risk assurance assessments that gives an external view of what the risks are and nullifying them with our operational processes. We also provide businesses a future view of technology trends that offer opportunities to do new things or to do existing things in a better, faster and cheaper manner.

How do we revamp our client’s business?

We follow a structured approach to design and plan the business transformation of our clients that will help them achieve their ambition. We make sure to show commitment to what they want to show to the world and provide the experience that is required for their business transformation. We start away with framing the vision with the aid of workshops and analysis techniques. We set a mark for businesses to be benefited with high-level processes, resulting into maximizing business volumes and minimizing risks. We discuss and come to common grounds to formulate structure, methods, governance and manage the program accordingly. We also let them visualise the outlook of the application landscape and how it would turn out to be. At Quantega, we are well equipped to manage the data quality and cater to monitoring and service reporting requirements.

Striving towards perfection

At Quantega, we work day and night to cater to our client’s expectations. Our strategic capabilities allow us to constantly achieve deeper insights into their business and develop innovative results to their most pressing challenges, leading with an empathetic, human-centered perspective.

Our strategic capabilities

We work to ensure that our clients have the desired tools, operating models and services that their venture needs. Our spectrum of capabilities is quite vast:

We help our clients fuel up their business by making data-driven predictions using our data and analytics solution. Increase cash flow and minimize revenue wastage with the aid of our Business Process Services. Our organisational change management enables to work with the ever changing and evolving nature of work. We make sure to always keep our customers on top priority and be in cordial relations with them through customer relationship management.  We provide new offerings in this era of digital transformation by creating intellectual sustainable solutions. To gain visibility and predict analytics, use our supply chain optimisation.  We are credible on our basics and hence we provide business strategy along with enterprise Architecture services. To redefine business models, we help businesses to make creative use of enabled infrastructure. Using our merger and acquisition services, we have been successful in reconstructing various corporate firms. We know the tactic of managing complexities of large programs with utmost ease. With the modification of enterprises in this era, we provide robust and end to end quality assurance with automated processes.

Our industry expertise has won us accolades worldwide. We believe in Optimizing supply chains, Improving customer experience and increasing revenue to meet the ever increasing expectations of the industry.

Industry Expertise

Been in the industry for a good time now, we make sure that our experience and skills fulfill your requirements. We deliver new efficiencies by encompassing the broad range of financial and banking services. We provide technological services and solutions in the education sector to make the studies kill oriented. We help corporation cover audience insights with the help media and entertainment services. The manufacturing sector is also digitized now and we aim to provide agile practices to bring about the change. We also mitigate risks by performing energy trading resulting into real-time operations. We help communication enterprise to become multi service provider. We also provide solutions in the industry of healthcare and consumer goods by leveraging available data. We deal in the insurance industry with the aid of digital connotations. We help corporations to evolve in an omni channel retail enterprise. Providing real-time solutions for gaming industry and cloud-based technology for life science industry has also been another feather in our cap.

We firmly believe to innovate at the molecular level so that the end results are unmatchable. Our cutting edge technology paired with a supportive ecosystem is the reason for the innovation we pursue. There is a constant tick at the back of our head that are we ready for tomorrow?, hence we keep ourselves updated and well equipped to make enterprises ready for a better tomorrow.


Decision making with AI

Artificial intelligence help in making faster decision for example AI powered pricing can help organizations about change in price and demand and improve their overall margins by 5%. They are even better at handling mult