Our approach

As humans, we use our experiences and learnings to respond to situations. With the ever increasing volume of data, every second system are subjected to threats weakening the ability to respond. Now, with Quantega’s IT security services, we empower people to do what they are best at and let machines do their work. We help our clients to protect their enterprise by developing maturity in intelligence driven operations across all the featured environments.

Our approach involves protecting the critical assets, figuring our insider threats and prevention against them and blocking malware. We incorporate Advanced detection which helps security analysts to save investigation time and respond quickly to incidents and act against the attacks. Searching threats is a prime feature of our security strategy. Our solutions help address the challenge of gaining full visibility into the constantly changing endpoint landscape, keeping in mind to bridge the gap between IT security and operations teams.

Our key drivers:

  • Protecting the entire network with digitally advanced solutions in real time.

  • Implementing processes by effectively delivering operations consulting to our experts.

  • Collecting key information through Security analytics.

  • Automating for a smarter, faster and better response.

  • Using intelligent investigation skills to hunt down the threat in no time.

  • Detecting threats using our endpoint security until it is too late.

Our solution helps

Figure out Events

In the digital world it is impossible to stay away from the cyber threats and hence we understand the need to assess and identify the threats. Now the system may be subjected to various threats at a time but our solution helps to analyze which of the lotn is possessing the most risk to our infrastructure. Figuring out which events possess the highest risk can help to element the threat easily.

Spontaneous Reaction

Our work does not end only after assessing the threat but starts after that. We make sure to react faster once the detection is done. Streamlined threat analysis, intelligent investigation and a team of niche security analysts help us to speed adoption of new use cases and rules to react at a much faster pace.

Minimize Risk

Our solution helps the clients to minimize the risk factor as we provide them with an assured service level agreement which promises to provide reliable and effective risk management.

Our IT security services helps the business to focus on their needs. Deep industry insights, commercial flexibility, advanced technology partnerships and many are served on the platter for successful delivery of security services. We help enterprises to combat with continuous cyber threats with the help of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and security analytics. Quantega works to help its client run their business efficiently by cutting down the risks to zero.


AI to redefine cyber security

AI-based attacks that imitate human behavior and attempt to outwit defenses will be the beginning of AI vs. AI battles between the good guys and the bad guys. But, AI is only capable of what its human masters program it