Our Approach

Mechanical product development offerings from Quantega span the entire development life cycle from concept, development, and validation to launch. We deliver value during various phases of product development by positioning best-in-market engineering talent, paired with resilient processes for program/project management framework. We ensure effective execution, review, and control of our systems.  

Value Plan

Quantega delivers excellence and drastic increase in business outcomes turning cost centers into value centers. We operate product development teams as businesses thereby creating a vast reserve for product development expertise across the globe.  Our product development approach involves combining engineering methods with an efficient framework to streamline, measure and enhance engineering productivity, resulting in the reduced development effort. Our dedicated R&D centers provide adequate extensions to our client's demands and queries. We have developed expertise in reusing knowledge by instilling knowledge-based engineering tools and accelerators, processed databases, cross-industry learning to reduce iterations in the system process.


Services and Solutions

We have a flexible pool of talent that can effectively cross fertilize a massive wealth experience, enhance the product development and deliver measurable business values from the start to end. Whether it is developing an aircraft with desired emission targets or designing an engine that improves structural strength, our services and solutions never fail to impress.  Our detailed concept design enables analysis and core optimization of the resources. From validation to launch, our mechanical product development process pays importance to each phase of the development keenly.

We keep in mind four key areas of value chain while delivering mechanical engineering services across various verticals.



Our feasibility study analysis, concept generation, detailed design, 3D modeling has enabled us to bridge the gap between art and part. Implementing Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design using CAD tools such as CATIA, Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, SolidWorks and AutoCAD to improve the reliability and performance. Incorporating Knowledge-based engineering to reduce design cycle time and increase productivity , quality and life cycle costs of products and services.



It is essential to analyze motion study, structural, vibrational and thermal insights. We subject the product to real -world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects through our Finite Element Analysis(FEA). Our verification and formalization includes the usage of CEA tools like Ansys, NASTRAN, ABAQUS, Cosmosworks, P3 Thermal and HyperWorks. We seek solution to the objectives within allowable ranges through our optimisation study.



Our design for manufacturing or assembly uses tools like  Boothroyd and Dewhurst methodology, aPriori, Costimator for DFA/DFM and product/component cost estimation. We use C code generation for machining components, sheet metal, laser programming, nesting for material optimization.  We excel in building jigs and fixture designs reducing labor costs and increasing precision in outcomes. We also build CAM, factory layout design, process planning, operator ergonomics study analysis, material flow simulation and optimization leveraging performance.



As the products have started becoming more complex, we support our clients by providing them with a personalized product documentation can be a helpful manual for the use, maintenance and servicing of the product.  Understanding the need of localised documents and witnessing a rapid fall in document budgeting, our team of vital domain experts transforms vital technical specifications to user-centric information. This eliminates misinterpretations and increases client satisfaction at the end.


Product Innovation

We provide the advantage of global engineering today by providing simulation and mechanical design solutions.  We Build the apt product with engineered quality levels for individual global markets by understanding the cost to value requirements. Responding to the ever changing market requirements in the process, we speed up race ahead of the league.Build the right product with the engineered quality levels for the respective global markets and understand the cost to value requirements.Integrating engineering partners and focusing expertise on the right areas we develop better performing services and solutions for today’s connected world.

Being one of the world’s core service providers, we understand the importance of predictability in engineering services hence also reinventing and improving mechanism to ensure the right delivery at a go!


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