An overview

Quantega’s Product Engineering services deliver niche edge design, development, test and analytical services and solutions in cloud infrastructure, networks, and telecom, product cooling, electromagnetic compatibility, and design. With avant-garde laboratories and workforce equipped with the necessary product certification power at a global platform, we have an individualistic presence marked by our exceptional talent and resources which are able to provide a wide range of comprehensive design services to customers.We provide a maverick and higher-level analysis required to resolve complex and incalculable failures found in today's systems. Our servers are structurally sound, with great performance resulting in high quality services and solutions.


Our Approach

We manifest our services with a blend of innovation, design, develop, test and deployment. Our approach sprouts from the ideation phase to the deployment keeping in mind the user acceptance testing phase.

Our approach to provide best product engineering services include various steps.

Generating an idea that can be visualized and later conceptualized, is our first step. Our culture exhibits the notion of self-thought to instill a blooming thought cycle which helps us to develop the basic element of a thought. Our ideas are then arranged and implemented by various functions and interactions between the blocks and an architecture of the product is formed. The product is subjected to design undergoing a process of analysis and is tested to measure the performance thereafter. Our excellent services allows to migrate the product if it doesn’t respond to the current platform. We provide technical aid to our clients if there is a glitch whatsoever. We extend long-term support to our clients by providing them with professional services whenever required.

Our Industries

We are proud to serve in a plethora of fields and developing reliable solutions for all of them. We have successfully completed programs for clients with the help of our highly experienced engineering teams across hardware, software and mechanical. We own a proven experience in the aerospace and Defense industry. Our healthcare services are designed to bring better patient results with the infusion of technology and breakthrough innovation. We provide strong process-driven services in the field of transportation and automotive to create product efficiencies.  Industrial Manufacturing, Cloud infrastructure, consumer electronics, semiconductors, network- telecom and many more. We have achieved remarkable feat in various industries by providing solutions that are reliable and serviceable.


Our Services

Quantega’s methodology involves the masterly integration of manufacturing and design engineering for shorter time- to - market. From conceptualising to realising, it involves various interrelated processes. We provide services that have enriched with specialist partnerships. Being at a global platform, we are the perfect choice for R&D partnership with its hub in India. We have an expertise in developing critical solutions. Our services enable clients to serve the existing market along with entering the new one. Our next Gen-services and rapid time- to market approach have reusable components to compensate on the time. Our process flow helps our clients to realise their concepts in optimized cost and schedule. We have a spectrum of native tools developed in the course of time to simplify complex systems.

Our product engineering services strive to offer value to engineering enterprises. We bring distincting offerings to market by consulting with our clients about the advanced technology. We design, deploy, and maintain cross-functional processes and systems for product lifecycle management, telecom network operations, and manufacturing automation using best-of-breed approaches, mixing commercial software with custom integration. We amalgamate BPO capabilities, supply chain and engineering to amplify our role across the offering life cycle from target-setting to end-of-life. We turn cost centers into value centers by focusing on continuous productivity increase and delivering brilliance to our clients.



IoT & product design

Machine-to-machine connectivity, the forerunner of consumer-focused IoT has been around for decades. More often than not, the M2M phase of IoT applications pushed technology to address B2B market requirements. As more a