Our Services

We bring specialized expertise to the table by including unique value plans in our system engineering services. Offering both solutions and consulting around system engineering over a decade now, we provide end-to-end system enterprise on complex embedded electronic systems. Safety analysis, concept definition, system analysis, architecture design, concept definition, model-based development, compliance and certification and management are some of our specialized offerings.


Our Approach

One of our core strength is to extend broader views keeping in mind functionalities, use cases and critical to quality(CTQ) aspects in supporting our architectural design. We have hands-on services across engineering layers with embedded drivers, OS, protocols and applications. This embedded group covers analysis like FTA, FMEA, FHA and other security aspects as per industry standards. Model-Based Development is the real hero of our embedded system space. We provide modeling assistance for any complex system as per MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) and other industry guidelines. Code migration is also one of our chief services in the system space.

Quantega delivers embedded engineering services under following verticals:


Viability Analysis

We ensure to check the feasibility of an idea so that it is technically, legally and economically justifiable. It is essential to know whether a project is worth the investment or not.  Our market viability study determines in depth the condition of the market to support the product development. Our highly customized services are designed after core analysis of our user and their usability requirements. Identifying and understanding needs of the project have become easier with the help of our functional analysis. We make sure that the solutions are technically viable and the Bill of Materials are deeply analyzed before going ahead with the process.


Quantega possesses a potential to drive end-to-end hardware engineering from conceptualising to realising it supporting various single and multi-core processors platforms. Providing FPGA, CPLD based development and programming in VHDL and Verilog to board designing and verification, our spectrum in this field is unmatchable. We create complete solutions keeping in mind to reduce the execution risk and increase speed to market with the aid of prototyping. We extend manufacturing support for your idea . Mixed signal design, adequate power supply design and circuit simulation are some of our core elements of hardware engineering. We believe in sustainability and therefore incorporate designing of services and solutions so that they do not harm our environment. Practicing Green Engineering and Value engineering has helped our services extend its reach globally.


Middleware & Firmware

We have a proven record of developing firmware of few lines of code upto millions for application on various microprocessor/ microcontroller platforms. Our Board Support Package(BSP) are developed to provide uniform functionally that can form an interface between different operating system components and is compatible with a host of configurations. We customise the device drivers, offer modifications and porting services to have a compatibility with newly designed hardware or operating platforms. Our boot loaders provide varying ranges of interaction such as encrypted passwords and advanced GUI along with the capability to load from a selection of OS.

Handling unfamiliar challenges like a pro!

With the increasing abilities of IoT products and services, the complexity level has also increase. And it seems never to cut down. We manage these added complexities and disruption with utmost diligence providing great consequences. We enable flexible, robust system oriented engineering approach to work alongside changing standards and concerns about the security of IoT systems. IoT is rapidly getting public acceptance and Quantega’s system engineering architecture is well constructed on its advancements.


Our Approach for system engineering to keep it ready for IoT

We help our clients to construct their architecture which is ready for Iot. We do not dwell in its complexities but create an infrastructure to support it. An IoT–ready environment can help service providers to begin taking advantage of this societal shift without a wholesome rip-and-replace of current technology. It also acts as a breather  to ensure that the coming rush of connected devices does not disrupt the network infrastructure. This process ensures benefits will be acquired without weakening the operational governance required to ensure availability and security of the IoT network, data, and application resources. Enabling service providers to manage IoT services instead of boxes. We help our clients in building a strategy that transforms digital ecosystems to convert data into flair!



Tangible solutions for hardware engineering