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India, the Next hub of Innovations

India showed a major augmentation in its Global innovation index ranking, reaching to 60th position from 66th in 2017. The enhancement in our latest index readings was due to its strong presence in the fields of software export, corporate research and development and tertiary education. India is moving forward on the path of innovation and development. As a nation, we are perpetually showing development to the outer world in different sectors. This country is chasing its dreams on the gear and wheels of innovations. Our transition from underdeveloped to developing country is noteworthy. This transition only happened because this country honed the power of technology and this new era internet. Harnessing the power of young energy into constructive pathways which eventually leads to the development of country is something on which India is working right now.

The IIGP (India Innovation Growth Programme) is helping the creative hands of India to build a stronger technical environment in country that promote innovation culture. This programme is a joint initiative by Dept. of science and GOI. The inclination of the country is towards data research and effective planning which is making it the next address of inventions and creativity. For instance, by building 6200-Innovative Farm Pools in Maharashtra, the young scientists are bringing a sense of relief to the farmers. This light of innovation has spread to NIT Trichy where students invented a system that detects lung cancer early. An AI-based application is helping visually impaired person to see, what more one can ask for.

There are 5 characteristics which show how innovation and technology are shaping new India.

1. Encouraging Science and Technology among students :

The role of technology in building a better world is very vital. We are also working in the same direction by encouraging our students to pursue their career in the field of science and technology. The biggest technology institutes are providing room and opportunities for the graduate scholars to work and develop new technologies. Apart from this initiative, there are some programmes where students from senior secondary onwards can avail scientist scholarships to pursue their career in the field of science and technology.

2.  Diversity is the ladder:

We cherish a heterogeneous community. Every community has its own likes and dislikes. Their needs and deeds are discrete. Where everyone sees diversity as a blocker in the path of development, Indians are trying to use this diversity as a ladder of success. For instance, because of the regional diversity of India, there are no. of speakers having different languages to speak. This leads to the development of various AI-based machine translation system which is making everyone’s life easier. If this diversity was not there then this invention never happened.

3. Young guns of India:

Approximately 356 million population of India lies in the slab of 10-24 years. This shows the potential of youngsters . In contemporary time, the youth is working towards creating jobs rather than doing it. The mentality of doing a routine job to fulfill needs is now changing and this is heading towards creating more jobs. The introduction of startup culture is the major game changer. According to Nasscom, more than 1000 tech startups added in 2017. There are so many startups that are built on the foundation of technology and easing a common man’s life. India’s huge presence in IT sector is fairly visible and strongly telling the story of promising success.

4. Ready to take calculated risks:

The social structure of India is very conservative. In the era of bots and AI, Indians still prefer to count on their fingers. The environment of coming out of your comfort zone to find success beyond your limits is missing. But the entrepreneurs are writing a different story by the ink of innovation. In the past decade, there is a numerous number of examples present that show how few individuals are shaping future of India just by taking a risk in their career. Flipkart and Ola are examples of some billion dollar companies founded by Indian entrepreneurs. This becomes possible because the sense of taking a risk and creating something technically beautiful is more prevalent than staying in your comfort zone and enjoying what you have. This shows that the sense of taking risk has come in the young blood.

5. Protecting Intellectual property:

This characteristic is still under scrutiny. India is the hub of ideas and inventions. But protecting that idea to build your future product is very much crucial without any law and act. In a recent amendment to the copyright act of 1957, Intellectual property protection law has been made. So that the entrepreneurs and innovators can work on developing something great without being afraid of stealing of their ideas.

These characteristics are the must-have features of a developing nation. A country cannot develop if it's not taking sustainability and innovation hand in hand. Inventing new technologies in this IT era is the major breakthrough for development. Quantega is working with the same passion and deliverance towards making India bit more better.We are dedicated to bring better and optimized IT-solutions to every unique problem.

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By Dyllan Clarke Technology Expert, Quantega
1 year ago