Education dates back to the existence of our society. Back then, education is all about transferring knowledge, information, and skills to the society. Now, it has become more complicated as we grew as a society. The economic and technological growth also means that we need to look into our education system and improve it. This way only, we would be able to create a society that focuses on wisdom rather than simple knowledge.

Our education system has stayed the same for the past few decades. Most of the learning is done in the classroom as our teacher aims to explain a concept to the group of student. Even though classroom environment facilitates learning, it does have some serious drawbacks. The solution is to use technology, which in turn, would breed leadership skills, authenticity, resilience to name the few.

The current state of education system

Education means different things to different societies. It might mean learning new concept now and then, or honing of skills to be relevant in the market. However, our education system fails to incorporate leadership skills into their learning. Today’s learning is more about gaining knowledge rather than getting to know how to solve problems, improving critical thinking, or empathy.

However, not every country have an education system that doesn’t aim to shape every single aspect of our human attitude. Finland, for example, is one of the best example out there. It is currently ranked 12th in the PISA rating which evaluates the education system worldwide. Finland education system aims to take only one standardized test during the schooling period. When you compare it to USA schooling, tests are taken yearly.

Other countries such as India lack the resources and talent to make education. Not only that, India’s education system thrives heavily on rat race where everyone is trying to get marks and not aiming to learn.

So, what elements are required to make education a tool for the betterment of the individual or the society?

Firstly, education should not only aim to impart knowledge but also wisdom. By wisdom, an individual can solve problems in diverse situations, and make a proper and informed decision. Secondly, leadership skills need to imbued so that failure is only seen as a sign of progress rather than disappointment. Leadership skills are required in almost every aspect of our lives -- which makes us ready to take risks and stand back up after failure. Our education system should also we are authentic in our approach to gaining knowledge and improving as an individual.

Education and Technology can transform our society’s future

Now that we have discussed the issues with the education system worldwide let’s try to learn how we can make things better by utilizing technology at our side. Technology has always been the game changer when it comes to education. The introduction of computers enabled remote classes, cheap online education and much more. Computers are also integrated into our education system where assignments and homework are done through them using a school management system.

We are still far away from solving the core education system problems.

So, how can technology help us in the pursuit of better education? Let’s explore.

The first technology that we are going to discuss is augmented reality(AR). You might have heard about Pokémon Go. It is one of the popular AR games on mobile which was played by millions of gamers across the world. It captured the interest of everyone as it grew in popularity. AR’s capabilities are not only limited to entertainment as it can equally be used for education. Just image, how it can be used to unlock immersion for the classroom environment. Immersive learning can be a reality as cheap smartphones are capable of doing AR. For example, Aurasma, an app that lets teachers engage in immersive learning by creating content for their students. AR’s ability to give teachers the ability to create content according to what they think will help them connect better with their students. Classroom environment will also get transformed thanks to AR as immersion will also help students interact with them and collaboratively solve problems. Augmented reality can resolve the immersion issue and let students explore the world of wisdom and knowledge.

Artificial intelligence(AI), on the other hand, is also transforming education. AI can help teachers or educators to learn more about the students and their learning pattern. Pearson in their study  has already acknowledged AI’s impact on education. According to them, Artificial Intelligence in Education(AIEd) will transform our adaptive learning environment with the aid of AI tools. AR will also play a major role when combined with AI. For example, now AI can be used to learn the focus points of students when learning a material. By capturing those cues, it can further customize the future content, and provide the best learning environment for them. The paper also explains the scientific goal behind AIEd as, “make computationally precise and explicit forms of educational, psychological and social knowledge which are often left implicit.” They also discuss on how AIEd will transform education using three key models: the domain model, the pedagogical model, and the learner model. A.I powered Chatbots in education will also become more relevant and useful as they can interact with the student and guide them in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

The last technology that we think will have an huge impact is Big Data. Big Data is the study of extracting meaningful information from a huge heap of data collected by devices used by students. Every time a student attempts learning, Big Data can simply store and analyze their way of learning, be it economics or mathematics. Once it learns about the learner, it can create customized learning and also inform the teacher about the patterns that are relevant using Big Data techniques. This can also help teachers to learn in which sections the students are lacking and require attention or improvement.

The solution

When we combine all the above technologies, we are equipped with all the necessary tools to solve the problems with the education system. It can solve customized learning, and help individuals build leadership and problem-solving skills. Immersion and customization also guarantee improvement in critical thinking and make students better individuals that hold the key to change the future of our society. We might not reach the perfect education system, but there is a lot of ways we can improve our current education system that caters to current economic and societal needs of problem solving, leadership, creativity and passion.


By Dyllan Clarke Technology Expert, Quantega
1 year ago