Quantega offers a platform that leverages AI and predictive analytics to deliver intelligent solutions across all industries and applications. With Quantega, organizations can harness the power of their data to rapidly discover, test, simulate, and implement informed business decisions based on predictive models, decision analytics, and easy to understand business rules.

AI Supported leadership and decision making

Today’s economy is ripe with highly skilled workers, but that doesn’t mean organizations still don’t have to invest to constantly reskill their workforces. Thanks to the exponential rise in the advancement of technology, the pace of which has become difficult to keep up with, companies’ ability to adapt and retrain their workers has become a critical competitive advantage.

With the ability to scan vast amounts of data, process calculations and assess probabilities at lightning speeds, machine learning is quickly proving to be an incredible advancement that will impact our lives tremendously.

And, have become a big impact on workplace learning at Quantega— the ongoing leadership and skills development that takes place within our company. 

Leadership decisions can be drawn from a multitude of different places. Quantega helps in associating, conferences and events, facilitate learning and networking opportunities, and even vendors share their experience and advice. We also have discussions with other organizations who’ve experimented with AI can allow us to tap into their knowledge and experience, and science and technology graduates can intern to bring technical expertise and fresh perspectives to a firm in exchange for business experience.

Employees are taught to think like innovators

Companies and governments have a moral obligation to educate workers better.

Quantega offers more flexible training for all their workers and raise their skill levels

The revolutions of the past – steam based mechanization, electronics, information technology – are being surpassed by a new fourth era of smart machine enabled transformation.

AI is the rapidly growing field of computer science focused on creating intelligent software tools that can replicate critical human mental faculties. The range of applications includes speech recognition, language translation, visual perception, learning, reasoning, inference, planning, decision-making, and intuition.

As AI becomes commonplace, employees’ soft skills will become even more important. As rule based thinking and automation proliferate businesses, skills like sensitivity, creativity, verbal reasoning and communication, empathy and spontaneity may be increasingly desirable.

We at Quantega, facilitate this aspect of personal development to ensure that businesses make the most of the interplay between personal and artificial intelligence.

Given this situation, our employees proactively steer their own ongoing skills development. In other words, they recognize need for ongoing training, and realize that they hold the responsibility for their own decision or acts in the company. In nutshell, we make our employees the best, reskilled so they can be ready for any outcomes!

Ideas and Experiment Friendly Management Process

  • Leaders at Quantega first identify which teams or groups of employees are most motivated to learn.

  • Once those employees are identified, our company prioritize based on the business strategy also by identifying the skills the organization lacks and needs.

  • It is then determined how much time would it take each group of employees to learn new skills,

  • We at Quantega, give our staffs the best opportunities.

  • We go through the process to determine reskilling needs; then be sure programs tailor to those needs.

  • We quantify the growth that is possible from an investment in reskilling programs. For example, with additional skills on internal teams, there’s more value to products and services, and therefore clients will be willing to pay more.

  • We motivate our staffs to self-select into these programs by sharing examples of how people grew their careers by reskilling.

  • Employers at Quantega are also forced to take that extra step of defining the new roles and having more targeted training for employees, 

  • The performance management at Quatenga rewards those employees who keep gaining desirable skills.

  • Leadership development and succession planning are also kept up with reskilling at Quatega

Being more of Customer-Experience Centric businesses

Customer experience is a competitive driver of growth when successful. The rules are undefined and the success criteria are ambiguous. AI can unleash so much value across the customer experience.

Define a shared vocabulary and definition of who the customer is:

Quantega builds personas based on actual conversations with customers and don't overcomplicate them. We keep them simple enough that everyone in the organization can understand and remember them. 

Create a comprehensive view of customer experiences:

Quantega  attempt to map out the various different interactions a person has with that company both on the path to purchase and after becoming a customer 

Create a multi-dimensional view of customers and their needs:

Building a better experience means not only an understanding the company's customers' demographic information and behaviors, but also understanding what the customer's needs and motivations are as this is at the core of creating a better experience and Quantega knows it well!

Measure the customer experience:

Determining a metric that's can be used to prompt action, rather than worrying about whether or not it measures every small interaction, is the key. 

We Make executives and leadership accountable for customer experience.