Being one of the most important economic and industrial hubs in India, Ahmedabad has to its credit an exponential rise in the development in various sectors including communication, commerce and construction. It is selected to be one of 100 smart cities under Smart City Mission. It is an energetic business center and gradually becoming a go-to place for innovation, education and scientific industries.

Challenges faced

It is indeed a hot-spot for growing development but it has faced several disruptions in the course of this development. Entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad are not able to find the right minds for their work thereby resulting in non-acquisition of resources. The quality education in the city is deteriorating and hence there is difficulty in delivering quality outputs. The lack of good communication between the startups and investors is also one major issue. The city needs to create more job opportunities as it possesses a low cost employment rate. With the increase in urbanization, traffic issue is also faced primarily by the people of the city.

How Digital Transformation can bring about a change?

Effective solutions catering to major issues faced by people of the city with the aid of deep process and technology knowledge can help to solve out these issues. With the convergence of Finance, Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, Human Resources, and R&D the city and its entrepreneurs can achieve better Innovation, higher business value, efficient knowledge retention, superior brand value, increased customer satisfaction and in the overall - better ROI from people, technology and processes.Understanding problems and coming up with digitally advanced solutions can make it is easier for enterprises to find the right talent and maintain healthy relations with clients. Managing digital data along the supply chain will definitely curtail the traffic issue faced and improvise the information flow.Integrating digital solutions help enterprises to run differently and open doors to new business opportunities.

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