Forbes considers Bangalore one of "The Next Decade's Fastest-Growing Cities". It is considered to be a megacity and amongst the top- most productive metro areas of our country. It houses various research and development centers like Google, Airbus, Microsoft, Bosche and many more of the league. Owing to the large number of Information Technology companies located in the city, it has been named as the Silicon Valley of India.

The growth of IT has borne various challenges in the city. The local employment development hasn’t been favored by the high-tech industries in the city. The infamous traffic and infrastructure issues have always been associated with Bangalore. In recent times, the investors are finding this high-tech city inefficient for doing business because of the infrastructure. With the increasing workload and tight budget, human resource in the city is deficiting.

Advancements in the digital technology can help Bangalore cope up with the issues faced. Being the IT hub of the nation, the responsibility on the city is quite massive to solve out these issues. With the aid of better management solutions, the city can control the workforce by curbing their stress levels, providing better pay and lessening the work-hours. To improvise the transport system of the city, amalgamation of supply chain and automation in the system can surely help control the traffic and timely delivery of goods. With the help of IoT and AR, remote   real-time monitoring ,control of equipment through embedded sensors, faster and smarter business intelligence for decision-making, real-time tracking of the location and safety of employees and contractors can be achieved in infrastructure construction. Digital solutions are aimed to deliver context-specific information and cater to the diverse business needs.

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