Brazil is said to be the largest national economy of Latin America and the world’s eighth largest economy. With abundance of resources and diversification in economy, Brazil includes a wide range of industries. The industry prevalent here are automobile,agriculture,computers and various allied sectors. By expanding its reach over international financial and commodity markets, it is named to be one of the fastest growing major economies of the world.

Brazil has an extensive rail network but its condition has been deteriorating. The systems need updates and a pace to keep up with the growing technology. The educational and the healthcare system of the country needs a revamp as well as they are declining. The R&D sector has not been under any monitoring. The people are fed up of working in a monotonous desk job. It is vital to deal with these problems as it is one of the influential countries of the world.

The rail conditions can be improved by involving automation in the system that will solve well defined problems and help discover breakthrough innovation. Automation is more than just mechanising the simple tasks. It will curate the knowledge, automate framework, enhance the software code and help better the process management. Creating new jobs and engagement of people through the startups can help in removing the monotonous pattern of work culture which will instill in new energy. The grassroot level innovation and design thinking can help regulate the R&D sector of the country. Big Data analytics may help predict risk and the onset of health problems and can help drive a positive impact on the economy.

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