Canada is said to be one of world’s top ten trading nations  with a highly globalized economy. It is one of the few developing nations of the world who are the net exporters of energy worldwide. The growth of Canada's manufacturing, mining, and service sectors has transformed the nation into an urbanized one. The country is said to be one of the world’s prime suppliers of agriculture. Aeronautics and automobile represents the particular important industries of the country. The canadian economy is basically dominated by the service industry which serves employment to the people of the place.

The media and entertainment industry in the country is still working on the obsolete methods and not able to cater to their audiences. The innovation and entrepreneurship in the country is deteriorating and the human potential in the field is decreasing. Reliance on old machinery for various manufacturing practices is also a common practice in the country that needs to be changed.

Design and development of customized jigs to increase the accuracy of the work of the machinery will really help in the manufacturing sector. Automation can help de-risk organizations from rising labor costs. Customized fixtures can improve the speed of work. Advanced technologies can help the human potential to focus on innovation. The entrepreneurship culture can help people to focus their energies into developing ideas and implementing them. The media world can change the way they manage information with the ever-growing social media channel by implementing new approaches to data analytics and CRM. Digital analytics for web,mobile and social media help in enhancement of identity. Involving digital solutions into practise can help provide a roadmap to enhanced and optimised outcomes.

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