Chandigarh is considered to be the city with one of the highest per capita income in the country. It is termed to be one of the wealthiest towns of the India. It is also a major attraction for IT business to set up their base in the city.  Major Indian firms and multinational corporations like Quark, Infosys, EVRY, Dell, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Airtel, Amadeus IT Group, DLF have set up base in the city and its suburbs. It also houses various trade promotion organisations.

IT park in the city is an attempt to break into the Information Technology world. It was built to create massive amount of jobs and openings but flaked down. Employment opportunities for the younger generation are quite less. Pharma industry too needs a digital revamp in the city to foster to the growing needs of people. Neighboring villages of Chandigarh need to be digitized as they are still to be under the influence of IT operations.

Merging digital with industrial will open doors to various job opportunities and the local employment development rate of the city will tend to increase. Newer jobs will be created to adhere to the skill-set of the person with the digital influence. Business is one of the main occupation of  the city. Involving Data Sciences will help businesses acquire better outcomes. IT foundation services help pharmaceutical and biotech organizations build, integrate, run, and manage mission-critical applications efficiently with minimum costs. Technology can do wonders in reshaping villages of the city. With the help of digital solutions, farmers can envelope technology to increase crop yield, calculate risks of successive harvests and rationalize operational costs. To deal with the dynamics of soil, moisture and crop across plantations using real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wireless sensors, geospatial systems, and weather stations. Better internet connectivity to better education in villages, the entire gamut can be easily covered by incorporation digitally advanced solutions in the system.

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