China has the largest economy in the world. It still dominates in strategic "pillar" sectors such as energy production and heavy industries, but private enterprise has expanded enormously in the recent years. It has been amongst the world’s fastest growing economies relying largely on investment and export-led growth. It is a global leader in the manufacturing sector.

China is a nation which has a great inclination towards technology and science. They are smartening the world with AI-driven robots. From refrigerators to wheelchairs, they have instilled digital solutions in every end-user application.

The country faces challenges in controlling the employment rates which are dipping year by year. With the advancement caused by digital solutions it can easily change the framework by training workforce to develop desired skill-set. A nascent AI and Big-Data innovation environment is developing in the country and focuses on predictive analysis in various industries. With the ever changing innovations in the upcoming era, Digital solutions will be applied in countless ways.


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