France is one of the members of G7 leading industrialised countries. By PPP, it is considered to be European Union’s second largest economy. French bears a mixed economy that combines extensive private enterprise. Financial services, banking and the insurance sector are an important part of the economy. Aerospace industry also has a pivotal role in framing the economy of the country. France has historically also been a large producer of agricultural products.

Businesses of small and medium level face difficulties in growing in size and creating jobs for people in the country. Though the country has a decent healthcare system, but there are areas where there are lack of doctors and hospitals. The secondary education is having some serious failure rates. The reach of this education is very less in the poor areas of the country. The poor work culture and formation of workers is leading to unemployment in some sectors.

The enterprises needs to create next-generation systems that deliver better multi-channel customer experiences through personalization, advanced selling and customer engagement techniques. Streamlining processes, addressing diverse needs of workforce and enhancing organization models will improve individual performances and outcomes. With the help of mobile and agile technological services, the knowledge sharing can be done effectively to the areas where its reach is less. The integrated digital solutions can help create a portal for easy exchange of information between the caregivers and caretakers.

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