Kolkata is the main financial and commercial hub of North-East India. The city is home to many industrial units operated by large public and private sector corporations. The major sectors constitute steel, heavy engineering, mining, minerals, cement, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agriculture, electronics, textiles and jute. The city has headquarters of various eminent companies such as ITC Limited, Coal India Limited, National Insurance Company, Exide Industries and Britannia.

Kolkata and its unruly traffic go hand-in-hand. The city comes to complete standstill because of excessive jam. Health care facilities in the city are getting worse with time. There are no transparency in treatment procedures, no proactive care and no compassion for patients when it comes to treatment. Kolkata is still dependant on the pre-built infrastructure which is centuries old now. The city has a varied spectrum of problems which will be solved out if digitally transformed.

The digital transformation in this city is a must! The traffic can be controlled by use Big Data analytics that collects all forms of traffic information using sensors to facilitate real-time traffic monitoring and control. Real-time traffic trends can also be predicted based on realistic simulations. The healthcare system needs to be automated and customized according to the needs of the patients with the help of cloud-computing and analytics. It will be easier to find the right physician and treatment with just a click or touch. Digital advancement is to be applied onto the infrastructure of the city as well. Implementing Digital solutions can have a massive impact on the city’s economy.

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