Russia is said to be twelfth largest economy in the world by GDP and sixth largest by PPP. The country possesses upper middle income mixed economy with enormous natural resources. Russia is considered well ahead of most other resource-rich countries in its economic development with a long tradition of education and science industry.

The country’s total area of cultivated land is considered to be the fourth largest in the world. Hence the agricultural practices in the country are quite prevalent. To make these practices digitally advanced, logistic solutions can be implemented for the smooth flow of input. Predictive weather modelling can be carried out by integrating IoT with weather data.

Automation coupled with analytics has made the public transport quite developed. IoT, Big Data and analytics have overhauled all the issues occurring with their advanced implementation.

Quantega предлагает инновационные технологические решения, основанные на цифровых, AI, IoT, Cloud, Automation, Analytics, Infrastructure Management и Engineering Services. Посетите нас в России для различных IT и бизнес-решений!

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