Singapore has a highly developed market economy. Its economy has said to be the most innovative, competitive and dynamic. It is home to world’s highest percentage of millionaires. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates among developed countries. It is a leader in several economic sectors including telecom, banking, transportation and manufacturing. It is also an educational hub with heavy inflow of international students every year.

Every now and then, Singapore trains experience delays and breakdown due to the age old infrastructure and systems installed. The food and agricultural security is needed so that the farmers are prepared in advance about the results. The strain in infrastructure is also one of the biggest issues faced by the country. Most of the IT companies are looking for foreign hiring rather than providing jobs to the local people.

Encouraging entrepreneurial culture in the place can give jobs to various people. Startup culture has proved to be providing new jobs to people with varying skill sets. Sensor networks can help to monitor the condition and quality of food while processing in transit. It automates reporting of parameters such as location, temperature and shipping. The modernised automation of the signalling system will help to enhance safety and speed up train movement in a congested network.

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