Spain has the 5th largest economy in the European Union. It is proud to have six of ten biggest international construction firms specialising in transport ,namely, Ferrovial, Acciona, ACS, OHL and FCC. It is home to various technology companies like Telefonica, Abengoa, Mondragon Corporation and Movistar.

Unemployment rates in the country seem to have soared high. It is a rapidly growing country but the jobs here that are available include temporary or part-time work. A receptive attitude towards public assistance may be encouraging joblessness in Spain resulting into employment crisis and production of a lost generation. The banking industry in the country needs to have a digital revamp that will help produce better and optimised results.

Blockchain can really help in the transformation of banking services. As it increases transparency and improve regulatory reporting. The data once recorded can be traced in real time and can be a help in wiping out errors. Unemployment in the country can be controlled by incorporating agile practices that give the right candidate, the right opportunity to explore his skill set. The entrepreneurial culture can help the people to discover talents and execute them to bring about stellar business outcomes.

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